2017 Fourth Sanmei Exhibition Exhibitor List (Part 2 of Superhard Materials and Products)

Abstract The 4th China (Zhengzhou) International Abrasives Grinding Exhibition will be held at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 14th to 16th, 2017. The exhibition was co-sponsored by Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government, Guoji Precision Co., Ltd. and China Machinery International Cooperation Co., Ltd., taking...
The 4th China (Zhengzhou) International Abrasives Grinding Exhibition will be held at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 14th to 16th, 2017. The exhibition was co-sponsored by Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government, SINOMACH Precision Co., Ltd. and China National Machinery International Cooperation Co., Ltd., and adopted a market-oriented operation mode. It is a grand gathering of abrasives and abrasives industry at home and abroad. It is estimated that the exhibition area will be 30,000 square meters, and there will be about 400 exhibitors at home and abroad.
In order to facilitate the buyer's negotiation, China Superhard Materials Network will confirm the information of booth exhibitors as follows:
position number company name Exhibits
A02 Henan Bo Rui New Material Co., Ltd. Synthetic diamond powder, diamond fine powder, diamond crushing material, shaping material and extension product
A03 Zhengzhou Jinhaiwei Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. Hot pressing sintering machine (furnace), automatic cold press, automatic forming machine, automatic edge cutting machine, cutter size sorting machine
A06 Guangdong Xin Magnesium Superhard Material Co., Ltd. Copper composite powder, alloy powder, cobalt powder, nickel powder, ferrophosphorus powder
A07 Guilin Guiye Machinery Co., Ltd. Super hard material six-sided top hydraulic press
A11 Henan Huifeng Diamond Co., Ltd. Diamond powder
A12 Zhongnan Diamond Co., Ltd. Industrial diamond, cubic boron nitride
A16-1 Zhengzhou Duojian Superhard Material Co., Ltd. Diamond micropowder, grinding grade diamond, diamond single crystal, plated diamond, cubic boron nitride
A16-2 Zhengzhou Shenfa Diamond Co., Ltd. Cubic boron nitride, synthetic diamond
A17 Henan Jinqu Gold Co., Ltd. Superhard Materials Branch Synthetic diamond
A18 Henan Yalong Superhard Material Co., Ltd. Synthetic diamond powder, synthetic diamond paste, synthetic diamond crush
A20 Hubei Ezhou Fuli Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Diamond tool professional equipment
A21 National Machine Precision Co., Ltd. Special equipment and testing equipment for super-hard materials, ultra-thin cutting wheels , heavy-duty grinding wheels, zirconium corundum abrasive rolls for machines , industrial public technical services
A22 Yucheng Jinxin Abrasives Co., Ltd. Diamond crushed material, diamond powder
A25 Besco Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. Superhard material
A27 Zhuhai Omega Instrument Co., Ltd. Laser particle size analyzer, resistance particle counter, particle image analysis processing system
A28 Zhengzhou Dahua Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. Industry-specific equipment
A31 Zhengzhou Huajing Diamond Co., Ltd. Synthetic diamond single crystal
A32 Luoyang Qiming Superhard Material Co., Ltd. High-hard materials high-end equipment
A35 Henan Joint Abrasives Co., Ltd. Diamond micropowder, nanodiamond, polycrystalline diamond, polycrystalline diamond, diamond slurry
A36 Henan Botai Sheng Sara Machinery Co., Ltd. Large diamond machinery products
A45-2 Shenyang Shengyuan Diamond Press Parts Factory Diamond press accessories, steel ring, size block
A46 Henan Benrui Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. Fully automatic saw blade (grinding wheel) press, automatic cutter head press, fully automatic saw blade (grinding wheel) edge cutting machine, automatic saw blade polishing machine
A48 Zhengzhou Tianhong Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Automatic control system for synthetic diamond production equipment
A55 Kunshan Maitong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Special automation equipment and fully automatic production line for diamond tool industry
A56 Henan Zhengxin Diamond Technology Co., Ltd. Resin bond, ceramic bond, metal bond and electroplating bond series
B01 Henan Feimeng Diamond Industry Co., Ltd. Synthetic diamond for grinding, cubic boron nitride, superabrasive powder
B02 Zhengzhou Machinery Research Institute Welding materials and equipment, mechatronics equipment, mechanical strength and vibration technology and products
B06 Beijing Zhongtuo Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. Super-hard tool special grinding machine, laser cutting machine, vacuum welding machine,
B07 Guangzhou Jinrui Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. Ceramic / Resin / Metal / Electroplating Bond Diamond / CBN Products
B08 Yucheng County Wangang Diamond Products Co., Ltd. Synthetic diamond powder, diamond single crystal, diamond broken material, electroplated diamond cutting piece, diamond grinding wheel
B11 Henan Power Diamond Co., Ltd. Diamond raw materials, diamond synthesis, diamond products
B12 Henan Sifangda Superhard Material Co., Ltd. PCD/PCBN cutting tool composite sheet, diamond composite sheet for oil and gas / coal mine drill bit, polycrystalline diamond drawing die blank and other superhard tools
B15 Luohe Tailong Superhard Material Co., Ltd. Diamond micro powder, diamond shaping material, diamond broken material
B16 Shijiazhuang Gaogong Metal Technology Co., Ltd. Diamond tools and their raw materials
B20 Henan Zhongbo Superhard Material Co., Ltd. CBN single crystal, CBN micro powder, diamond micro powder, plated CBN product
B23 Shanghai Fan embroidery laser Technology Co., Ltd. laser cutter
B27 Sichuan Jinsha Nanotechnology Co., Ltd. Nano iron powder, micro iron powder, ferrous oxalate, iron oxide
B28 Henan Hengxin Superhard Material Co., Ltd. Diamond micropowder, CBN micropowder, diamond crushed material,
B35 Yucheng County Hongxiang Superhard Material Co., Ltd. Synthetic diamond and micro powder, diamond drill bit, diamond grinding wheel, diamond saw blade, diamond wire drawing core
A018 Zhengzhou Jianbin Electronics Co., Ltd. Particle Image Analyzer, Screen Analyzer, Diamond Wire Saw Analyzer
A020 Zhengzhou Dekat Superhard Tools Co., Ltd. Ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel, ceramic bond CBN grinding wheel
A022 Zhengzhou Progressive Abrasive Co., Ltd.   Resin diamond grinding wheel, resin CBN grinding wheel, metal bond diamond grinding wheel
A023 Zhengzhou Brayin Welding Materials Co., Ltd. Silver soldering piece, silver electrode, glasses soldering wire, solder powder, solder paste
A080 Qingdao Kerubao Trading Co., Ltd. Imported high quality phenolic resin powder
A143 Xinxiang Zhengfang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Ultrasonic system, ultrasonic vibrating screen
A251 Zhengzhou Xiuchuan Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. Diamond soft abrasive
A252 Changsha Xiangzhi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. Centrifuge, laboratory analytical equipment
A258 Hebei Presman Diamond Technology Co., Ltd. High quality CVD diamond
A306 Qingdao Sisha Taiyi Superhard Grinding Co., Ltd.   Ceramic corundum, cubic boron nitride and diamond superhard abrasives, ceramic and resin bond bonded abrasives
B080 Shengzhou Xinrun Abrasives Co., Ltd. RVG series of native fine grain diamond
B090 Xixia County Taixiang Industrial Co., Ltd. Pre-alloyed powder for diamond tool carcass

2017 Fourth Sanmei Exhibition Exhibitor List (one of the superhard materials and products):
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