90 square meters decoration costs? 90 square meters decoration budget list

With housing prices still rising, buying a house with 90 square meters is also a very difficult task. After the room is completed, it will take a lot of money to make the renovation. How much will it cost for a 90 square meter renovation ? ? Xiao Bian and you today introduced an example of 90 square meters of decoration cost budget list, we can probably estimate how much decoration budget.

90 square meters decoration budget list

1. Strong grassroots processing, walking the wire in the decoration is a very important step, after the line is completed, it needs to make up for the wall, the wall gap treatment, the elastic layer putty gap, repair the building door hole, for special needs location The overall hanging cloth, 3 yuan per square meter.

2. In the choice of wall paint selection, let's look at the painting of the US Nest Cadoques at 26 yuan per square meter.

3. The floor tile is about 75 yuan per square meter, including the baseboard, 600 * 600 can be precision ceramic tiles, if you want to choose some of the well-known brands may be more expensive. The accessories are 325.5 ordinary cement, white cement, medium sand, 108 glue.

4. The use of reinforced composite wood flooring is approximately 70 yuan per square meter. If it is to be leveled with the ground, self-leveling cement or ground floor treasure can be used, adding approximately 9 yuan per square meter for a total price of 79 yuan per square meter. Floor damage plus 8% - 10%.

5 kitchen bathroom wall tiles about 75 yuan per square meter, reported damage and the ground can be the same (wall surface with ordinary art inlay all kinds of tiles need ordinary cement per square meter 11kg, sand 33kg, lime cream 2kg. Cylindrical Ordinary process inlay all kinds of tiles need ordinary cement 13kg, medium sand 27kg, lime cream 3kg.)

6. Each set of toilet equipment is about 2,500 yuan (toilet, wash basin, faucet, bath set, mirror, paper box, soap box, towel bar, tray, floor drain, and bath). Tip: There are some cheaper appliances in the market, but the quality is quite poor, so it is recommended not to use too cheap.

7. About 900 yuan per meter for kitchen cabinets (crystal plates, acrylics, paints, etc., but does not include brands, there are faucets, pools)

8. The ceiling is about 50 yuan per square meter.

9. Balcony wall tiles 60 yuan per square meter.

10. Each set of balcony hangers Mr. Qiao 230 yuan, the installation staff to receive 10 yuan, the total price of 240 yuan.

11. Suite door It is recommended that the use of composite solid wood will be strong, each set about 950 yuan, including Paramount locks, thicker hinges, door suction.

12. The bathroom door is recommended to use a micro-molecular structure that can be very good waterproof, about 850 yuan per set.

13. Bathroom waterproofing 19 yuan per square meter.

14. The power transformation is about 2,500 yuan.

15. The waterway reconstruction is about 2,000 yuan.

16. Lamps cost about 2,000 yuan, including mirror headlights, living room headlights, and bedroom lights.

*The above price is for reference only, the specific price is based on the local sales price.

Editor's summary: The above is a 90 square meter renovation budget list for everyone. We can estimate the budget for home decoration based on the above estimates. In fact, there is no uniform standard for the cost of 90 square meters for decoration, and it is mainly decided according to the decoration method and decoration style chosen by the owner, and the high-grade degree of the configuration. Hope to give you a reference.

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