Analysis of the causes of corrosion of the painful bearing and avoidance

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Analysis of the causes of corrosion of the painful bearing and avoidance

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-12-10

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The corrosion of the painful bearing is caused by various connotations and external factors; it is mainly summarized as follows: 1. Metal surface finish (oxygen concentration difference battery corrosion). 2. Metal material's own chemical composition and layout. 3. Solution composition and pH value of metal surface touch, 4, ambient temperature and humidity. 5. Various environmental media touched by metal appearance. 6. Other people's sweat is also the cause of bearing corrosion; its pH value is 5 ~ 6. So in order to avoid rust caused by hand sweat; equipment and production personnel should wear gloves; do not touch the imported bearings with your hands.
Apply anti-rust oil to avoid rusting of the bearing
1. Immersion method: Some small imported bearings are selected to be immersed in anti-rust grease; the thickness of the oil film can be reached by controlling the temperature or viscosity of the anti-rust grease. The appearance of the surface is adhered to a layer of anti-rust grease.
2, brushing method: brushing when paying attention to uniform coating on the appearance of imported bearings; do not pile up; also pay attention to avoid leakage coating.
3. Spray method: Some large-scale anti-rust materials are not suitable for oiling by immersion method; usually, the compressed air with a pressure of about 0.77MPa is sprayed in the air. The spray method is suitable for solvent-diluted rust-proof oil or thin layer rust-proof. Oil. It is necessary to choose a comprehensive fire prevention and labor insurance method.
Pre-disposal method for rusting the surface of the bearing:
1. Appearance hygiene: It is necessary to remove the nature of the imported bearing appearance and the conditions at the time. Commonly used methods are solvent removal method, mechanical hygiene method and chemical treatment hygiene method.
2, the appearance of boring clear and clean, can be dried with filtered dry compressed air. Perhaps with a drier to dry at 120 ~ 170 ° C temperature; finally with a clean gauze dry.

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