Analysis of the top ten mistakes in the decoration of new cars

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China Security Network Xiaobian This article wants to explain to you the analysis of the top ten mistakes in the decoration of new cars:
Analysis of the top ten mistakes in the decoration of new cars
Analysis of the top ten mistakes in the decoration of new cars 1. Hanging various small pendants, pendulums, perfume boxes, etc.
These things look cute and beautiful, but they are also the enemy of the driving sight. Especially the heavier objects are placed on the bridge. Once a high-speed impact occurs, it is likely to fly directly out to flatten the human head.
2, steering wheel cover
This is an inexplicable act. A good steering wheel has someone to put on a lap of rags, which is unreasonable and affects the driving feel.
3, install the rear wing
It wasn't originally a car with good athletic performance. Except for loading, adding a tail is useless. After a long time, I can't run the high speed and fall off. You can't eat and walk with you!
4, install the auxiliary bumper
This move has no effect and it hurts people. Many cases have proved that even with some small collisions, the added bumper will increase the damage of themselves and other vehicles, and in the traffic accident with pedestrians, the bumper often causes more serious damage to pedestrians.
5, buy a new car for dealers to send decorations
It can be said that the worst is delivered, the price is the highest! You think it is very cheap!
6, set the wheel eyebrow
This kind of soil has no slag, and it has no practical significance. After a small collision, the deformation is unsightly, and the big collision has to be changed. It does not protect it and increases the repair cost.
7, paving glue
I don't know when to start, the new car paving the glue into the standard procedure for the new car decoration, said to be waterproof. On the contrary, when the air conditioner is turned on, the moisture condenses under the rubber and it is difficult to evaporate. The long time is not only mildew, but also rusting the floor!
8, leather
If the original car is not a leather seat, try not to change the leather. The quality of the original car's velvet seats is very good, it can be said that the car is rotten, the seat will not be broken, the leather leather of the rear bag is generally very poor, the use time is not long, there will be cracks, whitish At this time, I regret it later. If you are afraid of dirt, you can prepare two sets of chair covers. The color is best not the same. If it is dirty, you can change it for cleaning. The color changes, you can change your mood.
9, flower stickers such as "bears not pay attention", "discover", "slower and slower"
I felt quite fresh in the past few years, and now I feel a bit killing Matt.
10, install anti-theft device
Remember that any anti-theft device is made by people. All anti-theft devices are ineffective for those who want to steal cars. It is like a security door that encounters a locksmith. Not only that, but it also damages the original car circuit and causes damage for future maintenance. unnecessary trouble.

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