Bluetooth intelligent anti-theft lock features a structural analysis

As the name implies, the Bluetooth smart lock is a smart lock that can be controlled by a Bluetooth mobile phone. The Bluetooth technology is now very mature. More and more families are choosing this mature Bluetooth smart anti-theft lock, which is convenient and safe. Here's a look at the characteristics and structure of the Bluetooth Smart Security Lock.

Bluetooth smart anti-theft lock features

1. High security

Users have high expectations for the security of smart anti-theft locks. When encountering fire or encountering violent locks, smart anti-theft locks will automatically alarm. Smart anti-theft locks can also record fingerprints, using high-tech means to extract the cost of passwords. It is relatively high, so its security is also relatively high.


2. Convenience

No need to bring a key, save the replacement of the lock core; I believe many people have lost or forgot to bring the key experience, on a class of the day, would like to return to a comfortable home but found that in front of the house, but can only be locked Can't get in outside the door, smart lock anti-theft lock can help you eliminate such troubles, have it, enough. Whether it's going out, taking a walk, or worrying about the loss of a key, there's just a password change for Sommers.

3. Security

The wisdom greatly reduces the possibility of smart anti-theft locks being copied and securely enjoyed.

4. Creativity

Traditional door locks have no special interest in its appearance. Smart anti-theft lock not only from the appearance of the design is suitable for people's tastes, and even create a smart lock that like Apple's smart feeling. Smart anti-theft locks have been quietly on the market.

Bluetooth smart anti-theft lock structure

The Bluetooth intelligent anti-theft lock includes a mounting body, an outer panel and an inner panel that are disposed on both sides of the mounting body and corresponding to each other, a lock body, a signal receiving box, and a controller.


The lock body is installed in the installation body between the outer panel and the inner panel, the lock body is composed of a mechanical structure and an electronic control mechanism, the electronic control mechanism is fixed on the mechanical structure, the signal receiving box is installed on the outer plate of the lock body, and the controller is installed On the inner side of the mounting body, the signal cable is connected between the signal receiving box and the controller.

Bluetooth smart anti-theft lock adopts non-contact opening method. The Bluetooth smart key controls the motor brake in the lock and turns the mechanical handle to unlock. The lock has no hole, and the thieves can't start. The safety protection level is higher than that on the market. Locks.

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