Chandelier installation methods and procedures Chandelier installation notes

Many people like to install chandeliers in restaurants or bedrooms when they are decorating their interiors. Nowadays, chandeliers not only have lighting effects, but also have a variety of novel shapes and excellent decorative effects, making the entire space more beautiful and warm. Then, the chandeliers are installed. What are the steps and what do you want to pay attention to? The following article will introduce it to you.

Chandelier Installation Methods and Procedures: Material Preparation

Before we install the chandelier, we must prepare materials. For example, wood strips, plates, hardware fittings, screws, hammers, and other tools are indispensable. Only by preparing these tools can we work smoothly. In addition, we also need to measure the size of the chandeliers to determine the specific installation location.

Chandelier Installation Method and Procedure: Drilling Construction

Next, insert the drilling tool power supply, drill holes in the plasterboard, and then bury the hardware fittings or wood, fill the nearby voids with an adhesive or grout, and wait for the drying to proceed. .

Chandelier installation method and procedure: fixing accessories

When the chandelier is installed, it is necessary to fix the iron or wooden bar. If it is not fixed, the service life of the chandelier will be affected.

Chandelier Installation Method and Procedure: Chandelier Threading

The next step is to connect the wire hanger rod to the wick. If the pendant lamp also has a switch, you need to pay attention to the line direction when threading.

Chandelier Installation Method and Procedure: Chandelier Installation

It is best to install the lampshade and lamp arm of the pendant lamp. It can be installed by using a screwdriver, a hammer, and other tools. After the installation is complete, it can be powered and then fine-tuned according to the actual situation.

Chandelier Installation Considerations

1, pay attention to the chandelier can not be installed too low

There is a certain requirement for the ceiling height of the low-rise house to install the chandelier. No matter whether it is in the living room or in the dining room, the chandelier should not be too low. Otherwise, it will hinder people's sightlines. We can adjust the height of the chandelier by means of a boom to adjust to the height of the space.

2, pay attention to the chassis fixed and secure

When installing a chandelier, it is also necessary to pay attention to its firmness and to install it according to its instructions for use. If the weight of the luminaire is more than 3 kilograms, it is better to use a pre-embedded hook or install the cradle on the roof with expansion bolts.

3, check the boom is firmly connected

Usually, the suspender of the pendant lamp will have a thread, which can be used to adjust the height. After the installation is completed, we need to carefully check whether the fixing of the chassis is firm, and whether the suspension lamp box is connected firmly.

The article concludes: The above is about the chandelier installation method and the steps and chandelier installation notes related to the introduction, hoping to allow everyone to have a certain understanding of the chandelier installation, so that everyone can manually install a simple chandelier. If there are other needs, please pay attention to Qijia Information.

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