China's largest milling machine came out at Zoomlion Road Machinery Branch

On May 9th, the largest domestic BG2100 pavement cold milling machine independently developed by Zoomlion Road Machinery Branch was shipped to Taiwan to participate in the construction of high-grade roads for reclaimed asphalt pavement. The birth of this milling machine marks a new step in the development and manufacture of large-scale pavement cold milling machines in China.

Zoomlion is an important manufacturer of pavement cold milling machines in China. Its national 863 project, the self-developed intelligent pavement cold milling machine, has filled the domestic gap and reached the world advanced level, which can completely replace imported products. .

In order to meet the higher requirements of the construction efficiency and scope of the milling machine for road surface maintenance construction at home and abroad, and to break the monopoly of the domestic large-scale milling machine market by foreign brands, the researchers of Zoomlion Road Machinery Branch Research Institute rely on independence. Innovation, after nearly one year of fighting day and night, made major breakthroughs in key technologies such as milling power, milling drum structure and parameter design, successfully developed the highest domestic configuration, the highest power, the heaviest weight and the highest construction efficiency. BG2100 pavement cold milling machine. The machine is equipped with Caterpillar C-16 engine, the driving power is 470kW, the working weight of the whole machine is 39.2 tons, and the theoretical conveying capacity is 320m3/h. Due to its high power and heavy weight, the BG2100 has a powerful milling capability. It not only meets the requirements of fast milling of domestic asphalt pavement, but also fully meets the construction needs of overseas high-hardness recycled asphalt pavement.

Taiwan's high-grade roads are mostly recycled asphalt pavements with high road hardness and relatively high requirements for the construction performance of cold-planning machines. Due to the excellent performance of the BG2100, it is fully adaptable to the road construction requirements in Taiwan. A customer in Taiwan was very satisfied after the inspection and immediately signed a purchase contract.

The BG2100 pavement cold milling machine features the following:

1. It is equipped with Caterpillar high-powered C-16 engine with a driving power of 470kW. It has the highest power and the most milling capability in domestic milling machines.

2. The quality of the whole machine is 39.2t, which is the largest in the domestic milling machine, so the adhesion is large and the working conditions are wider.

3. The theoretical conveying capacity is 320m3/h, which is the most efficient in the domestic milling machine.

4. Adopting digital control technology based on CAN bus, with centralized display and fault diagnosis function of liquid crystal interface, the technology is more advanced, the reliability is higher, and the operation is more convenient.

5. With automatic power adjustment, automatic adjustment and intelligent control mode.

6. The power system adopts the most advanced one-end output mode in the world, with compact structure and reliable transmission.

7. The milling system designed by 3D simulation eliminates the interference wear of the cutter head, greatly prolongs the service life of the cutter head, and the trimming is neat, and the scraping material is smooth and clean.

8. The high-strength, wear-resistant KPF-303 quick change tool holder system solves the problem that the tool holder is easy to slack and break during the milling process.

9. The amount of water sprinkler is steplessly adjustable with the depth of milling, which extends the effective working time of the machine.

10. For the first time in the design, the deep milling of the milling machine that has not been solved so far has been solved, and the failure of the reversing roller and the collecting belt is caused by the leakage of the collecting belt.


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