Choose the right partner, these reverse engineering design products let you work efficiently

China Hardware Business Network Dianyun 3D Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R & D, production and sales of business services, other business services, and rental services. With strong R & D strength, rigorous production management experience and "quality first, "Reputation first" business philosophy, successfully developed a series of high-quality products with various patents, such as reverse engineering design x3a2942n, cultural relics 3D scanner, etc.

Dianyun 3D Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the value-added reverse engineering design, reverse modeling design which brand is good quality, reverse modeling design quality and cheap, good reputation reverse modeling design and other equipment projects. Adhering to the tenet of "customer first, forge ahead", the company provides high-quality reverse engineering services to our customers. The reverse engineering provided not only serves Hunan Province, Hunan Province, and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, but also goes to all parts of the country to strive for more Most people need to provide high-quality reverse engineering design services. Extend the product details: "br" "br" reverse modeling design for your popular science reverse design process, as the name suggests is different from the positive design process, the process is based on the existing parts or "br" "br" product prototype Use the data obtained on the surface to build a 3D CAD model instead of design drawings. The reverse juice design process is mainly composed of three parts: "br" "br" digitalization of the physical geometry of the product, CAD model reconstruction, product or mold manufacturing. The key technologies in reverse engineering are data collection, data processing "br" "br" and model reconstruction. "Br" "br" reverse modeling design is the first stage of your general layout design for science popularization. "Br" needs to write a design task book when performing general layout design, and the design task book should include the national automobile development spectrum or superior related instructions. "Br" "br", factory product development planning, conceptual design and other content. At this stage, it is also necessary to complete the overall layout design of the vehicle or the overall layout network, and initially determine the design "br" "br" hard points. The so-called design hard point is to express the coordinated relationship between the chassis, body and other parts through basic lines, surfaces and reference points, as well as to control the structure and parameters of "br" "br". After the establishment of the main design hard spots, the design of the styling, body, chassis, etc. have a common reference basis and follow the "br" and "br" specifications, and each sub-item door opens separately. Generally proposed by the project designer, the design hard points are the most important design principles for the design and selection of automobile parts, interior and exterior accessories, and "br" "br" body sheet metal design, and are also the standards and designs that are publicly recognized by each project team In principle, at the same time make the project components without chaos, "br" "br" an important method of concurrent design, generally hard design is not easily adjusted after determination. The design hard points include: wheelbase, wheelbase, total length, total width, human body "br" "br" model size, ergonomics verification control requirements, chassis and body-related components on the body control point line surface and control structure, Door locks, glass lifting "br" "br" droppers and other interior parts, body accessories and body line installation points, etc. After determining the design hard point, the overall design is carried out. Realize ergonomic design "br" "br", which mainly includes wind window vision check, foot pedal layout check, rear view check, wind window rain magazine check, convenience check on and off, human body " br "" br "Sitting posture check, etc. "Br" reverse modeling design for you to familiarize yourself with the reference sample car, take relevant photos in the sample car preparation stage. Measure various assembly gaps and differences between "br" and "br" on the inner and outer surfaces, fillets of structural shapes, strokes of control parts, etc. Then measure the outer surface of the car body, and the point cloud measurement of the chassis in the state of the whole vehicle; measure the opening of the door opening, the opening of "br" "br", the door interior, seat position, and engine compartment measurement (the right interior measurement profile, Gaps, asymmetric parts); disassemble and open parts, measure "br" "br" measuring door interior; measure seat, steering wheel, driving control mechanism, pedal; disassemble door interior, disassemble seat, disassemble front windshield glass , Measuring door inner panel; "br" "br" measuring instrument panel and other body interiors; disassembling the interior, instrument panel, measuring body accessories, air conditioning, electrical parts in the assembled state; dismantling the interior air conditioner "br" "br 》 System parts, body accessories, electrical parts; upper fixing frame, remove front and rear wheels, measure front and rear fender guards, front and rear insurance card T; remove front and rear fenders << br >> << br >> guards, front and rear bumpers, front Headlights. Disassembling the chassis parts, air conditioning system parts in the engine compartment, electrical parts, and measuring coordination; measuring the "br" and "br" piping systems of the chassis and air conditioners, disassembling the piping systems of the chassis and air conditioners, taking photos of various glue and damping pads And shoveling rubber; body-in-white (including opening and closing parts) hole position number "br" "br", take pictures, manually measure the welding standard parts and all apertures, and measure the hole position and aperture of all mounting holes in the body with a measuring device, remove Jiebai car "br" "br" body, measurement coordination, parts measurement and parts disassembly and parts measurement. "Br" adjusts the point cloud to the body coordinate system, divides the whole vehicle point cloud, and divides the outer surface of the whole vehicle point cloud, the interior parts table and the surface of the exterior decoration "br" "br", Generate the general layout control plane. "Br" "br"

At the same time of rapid business development, 51SCAN always emphasizes the balance between external opportunities and internal management, and attaches great importance to the cultivation and shaping of the company's core competitiveness. The company regards customer service value as its core competitiveness. 51SCAN adheres to the enterprise spirit of "integrity and integrity, pursuit of excellence, and respect for individuals", and strives to provide customers with 3D laser scanners. More details are at 51SCAN-: China Hardware Business Network
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'Choose the right partner, these reverse engineering design products let you work efficiently

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