Circlip pliers specification model, classification, purpose and use method

Circlip pliers are a tool specially used to install inner and outer circlips. From the appearance, they are a type of needle-nosed pliers. The form can be used not only to install the circlip, but also to disassemble the circlip. Circlip pliers play a very important role in various industrial equipment and maintenance processes, and can improve work efficiency to a certain extent. So what are the specifications of the circlip pliers?


Circlip pliers specifications


1. Model: V-MP80, V-MP81, V-MP82, V-MP83, V-MP80S

Applicable spring diameter: 10-25mm

Applicable ear hole: 1.0-2.0mm

2. Model: V-MP170, V-MP171, V-MP172, V-MP173, V-MP520, V-MP521, V-MP522, V-MP523

Applicable spring diameter: 10-25mm

Applicable ear hole: 1.2-2.0mm

3. Model: V-MP170F, V-MP171F, V-MP172F, V-MP173F

Applicable spring diameter: 6-20mm

Applicable ear hole: 0.8-1.7mm

4. Model: V-MP175, V-MP176, V-MP177, V-MP17

Applicable spring diameter: 12-65mm

Applicable ear hole: 1.5-2.5mm


Classification of circlip pliers


Circlip pliers are divided into two categories: external circlip pliers and internal circlip pliers, which are used to disassemble and assemble the circlip outside the shaft and the circlip inside the hole. Outer circlip pliers are also called shaft circlip pliers, and inner circlip pliers are also called hole circlip pliers. clamp.


The use of circlip pliers


Special circlip pliers: used to install horseshoe springs and springs without clamping holes, used to install shaft springs, equipped with return springs, suitable for springs with a minimum opening clearance of 3.6 mm.

Internal circlip pliers: used to install an inner spring in a hole with a diameter of 8-400mm, used to install a spring with a diameter of 122-400mm, equipped with a locking device, and can be easily opened,

External circlip pliers: suitable for mounting springs on shafts with a diameter of 3-400mm.


How to distinguish between outer card and inner card?


The outer card is stuck on the shaft, and the inner card is stuck in the hole. If you look closely, the outer card and the inner card are still a little different in appearance. The outer ring of the outer card is round and the inner ring is curved. Neckar is just the opposite. For circlip pliers, the external caliper mainly removes the circlip that is stuck on the outer surface of the shaft. The inner caliper mainly removes the circlip snapped on the inner wall of the sleeve.


How to use circlip pliers


Circlip pliers are mainly divided into internal circlip pliers and external circlip pliers, which are mainly used for the disassembly and installation of various circlips on various mechanical equipment. The shape and operation method of the circlip pliers are basically the same as other common pliers. As long as you use your fingers to open and merge the pliers legs, you can control the pliers mouth and complete the installation and removal of the circlip.

The above is the introduction of the related content of the classification and use of the circlip pliers specifications and models. The circlip pliers are specially used to install or remove the positioning circlips that are stuck between the holes or the shaft to prevent the axial movement of the machine parts. The tool used, this tool has a special purpose. Its appearance facilitates the operation of the central circlip of the instrument wheel.

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