Do not ignore the farmyard manure

As the saying goes: "The land is not on the dung, it is equal to the mix." The term "feces" as used herein refers to farmyard manure. However, in recent years, due to the widespread application of chemical fertilizers, many farmers have lost the traditional habit of using farmyard manure, so the result of fertilization is catastrophic: due to long-term single application of fertilizer, soil compaction, soil fertility, environmental pollution, with The result is that the disease resistance of the crop is weakened, the yield is reduced, and the quality is degraded. If the application of nitrogen fertilizer is too much, the wheat and rice will be late and mature, and the lodging will occur, and the kernels will have more clams; the corn will be susceptible to sheath blight and the 1000-grain weight will decrease; excessive application of potassium fertilizer will cause the crop to “luxury absorption” of potassium fertilizer, affecting The rate of intake of calcium, magnesium and other cations, thereby reducing crop quality. In combination with the application of farmyard manure, soil acidification can be prevented, soil structure can be improved, soil nutrients can be enriched, and soil fertility can be improved. Production practice shows that the application of farmyard manure and chemical fertilizer at 6:4 or 7:3 can increase the yield of grain by 9-10 kg.

Therefore, it is hoped that farmers' friends will change the bad habits of partial application of chemical fertilizers, and on the basis of applying chemical fertilizers, they will apply more farmyard manure. It is also good to "dung soil, soil and seedlings".
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