[Dongjian complete home main material package (luxury) on the line] fresh and refined blue, such as Mu Chun..

If there is a quiet afternoon, then the heart will become soft due to this touch. In my favorite European new home, even work will be a happy thing, so full and so happy. I like to live elegantly, from the choice of Dong Jian complete home 799 product package, tell myself that you should spend every day with a poetic attitude.

Thanks to this quiet afternoon, brewing a cup of coffee and baking your favorite desserts, the wonderful kitchen cooking has become an elegant thing. There are two optional Nobel tiles for an unforgettable space temperament. .

You can also choose the Etimax and Piano cabinets for the ultimate taste. There are Ou Lin, Sakura and Boss in the kitchen, and you can choose one with the kitchen. The high-end Aopu ceiling and LED lights, the six paint doors of Mengtiankang E and Shangshang are solid and durable, and the tempered glass has excellent light transmission. While lighting the space, it also adds a lot of color to the kitchen. In terms of details, the sink and faucet are in addition to the free brand Ou Lin, as well as the well-known brand Moen can choose. Huitailong and Mingmen two locks ensure the quality of each detail.

Thanks to this quiet afternoon, the sun is softly sprinkled on the body, and it is full of tiredness. The bedroom is comfortable and warm. The four brands of solid wood brand, such as Shuxiangmendi, Filinger, Anxin Solid Wood and Living House, have a solid foot feel, which makes the body and mind instantly relax. There are always six kinds of floor colors, which always have a love at first sight. Dream Tiankang E and Shangpin's natural wood doors, together with the locks of Huitailong and Mingmen, bring a good dream and full security.

Thanks to this quiet afternoon, nothing can make your body and mind more comfortable than a hot bath. From the ceiling, Yuba, LED lights to the toilet, shower, face dragon and other bathroom spaces, the use of Op, Kohler, American Standard, Hansger High-end brands such as Ya, GROHE, etc., they use a unique temperament to outline fashion and practicality. KOHLER electronic smart toilet cover, MOEN four-piece hardware products, submarine and KBA accessories, whether it is visible or invisible, close the moment of Meng Tiankang E and Shangpin natural paint door, enjoy A relaxing moment of your own.

Thanks for this quiet afternoon, thanks for being so quiet and warm, close to the soul, and connected with the warmth.

Dongjian Complete Home has launched a 799 product package featuring high-end European style, which makes the European style decoration avant-garde and economical. The combination of the two is the best choice for your beauty and practicality.

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