Driving sweeper advantage analysis and battery maintenance 7 kinds of common sense

Sweeper is powered by the source battery (or gas, diesel engine), driving the vehicle as a prototype, installing a side brush, roller brush sweep combination of cleaning machinery. What are the advantages of driving sweepers? The following Wuhan Ai Shiyi Xiaobian will give you the following introduction:
1. High work efficiency: Can clean more than 8,000 square meters per hour, the same work area greatly shortened the working time.
2. Low cost: Electric sweeping vehicles can replace 5-10 manual cleaning, saving a lot of labor wages, benefits and salary increases;
3. The effect is good: The electric sweeping vehicle adopts a combination of sweeping and sucking, which is much cleaner than the traditional manual sweeping of the Wolf Smoke in the floor.
4. High safety performance: Let the cleaners live in a safe environment (There are too many fast-moving vehicles on the road and manual cleaning is not safe enough).
5. High economic return: only spend more than ten yuan (charge, consumables, wear) every day, if it is more than 10 people, wages and benefits are at least nearly one thousand yuan, but also to invest in basic cleaning tool costs and operating costs.
The driving sweeper is driven by the battery, so it is very important how the battery is used. Wuhan Ai Shiyi Xiaobian summarizes the following: 7 types of battery maintenance for driving sweeper
1, each use * so that the battery left about 20-30% of the residual power, excessive discharge will affect the battery life;
2. When the charger needs to be replaced due to a fault, a matching charger should be used for charging;
3, for newly purchased sweepers, do not charge at will for the first time, should be used after the completion of the charge, the first three charges to saturation can be;
4. When cleaning the electromechanical bottle, make sure that the socket power supply is in good contact. The charger plug is in good contact with the battery plug. Poor contact may damage the charger and cause battery failure.
5, sweeping machine charging voltage must be stable, the voltage is unstable, it can easily lead to cleaning the electromechanical bottle damage or reduce the battery life;
6, after the battery power is used up, should be charged within 24 hours, the time will not shorten the charge will shorten the life of the battery;
7. If the sweeper is not used for a long time, it should be charged for the sweeper every one or two months to ensure that the battery will not damage the life of the battery due to no power for a long time.
The above is a summary of seven types of battery maintenance for driving type sweeping machines summed up by Wuhan Aishi Yi Xiaobian, hoping to bring you help and make your driving type sweeping electromechanical bottles last longer.

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