"Dry hot rock geothermal resources evaluation and high efficiency heat production technology simulation" through scientific and technological achievements

"Dry hot rock geothermal resources evaluation and high efficiency heat recovery technology simulation" through the identification of scientific and technological achievements

On August 17th, the scientific and technological achievement appraisal meeting of "Hydrothermal Rock Geothermal Resource Evaluation and High-Efficiency Heat Recovery Technology Simulation" was held in Guangzhou. The appraisal committee consists of 7 experts from national university research institutes.

"The evaluation of hot and dry geothermal resources and the simulation of high-efficiency heat recovery technology" was jointly completed by the Guangzhou Institute of Energy Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences. The appraisal committee heard the technical report of the project leader Jiang Fangming and conducted questions and discussions. The expert group believes that the results provide complete and complete data for appraisal and that it meets the appraisal requirements. It has developed a comprehensive evaluation system for geothermal resources of dry hot rock and established a standard for the construction of hot and dry rock databases, which will be used for the selection of target sites for hot and dry rock exploration in China. The evaluation of resource potential provided data support, and developed the dynamic simulation technology for heat and mass transfer of enhanced geothermal system (EGS) non-thermal equilibrium three-dimensional porous media, and established a comprehensive index system for EGS economic evaluation and environmental impact assessment, and for EGS system construction and Operational strategies and other important guidance.

The appraisal committee unanimously held that the results have reached the international advanced level and agreed to pass the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements.


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