Dry shop and wet shop do not know, such a bricklayer must not be!

There are two ways to tile: dry shop and wet shop, often tx ask me which way is better? Today we will discuss this issue. “ Dry Pufa uses dry hard mortar. Dry hard cement mortar is cement mortar with low slump, that is, the amount of water added during mixing is relatively small, and it is “hands clumping and landing.” Prepare mortar according to cement: sand = 1:2-1:3 Preparation of dry cement mortar, adding water into the group by mortar, and flowering is appropriate.This method is the way my parents' family now uses. "The so-called wet shop means that the volume of cement and sand should be blended into a soft and moist cement mortar in a ratio of 1:5 to 1:4. It is suitable for mosaics. The quality requirements for small-sized glazed tiles, ceramic tiles, and shattered stones are relatively simple. Ground paving is generally used when the surface trim is cheap and the process requirements are not very detailed.In general, the cost of the dry shop is higher, but the advantage is that the emptying rate can be reduced more than the wet shop, which involves a sand The problem of stone ratios, and the way in which tiles are used in different areas are different, and cannot be generalized. Dry shop and wet shop are only different in construction process. Dry shop is easier to level, but it is easy to produce empty drum due to the unevenness of the bonding layer, which requires the construction staff to have higher responsibility. Due to the low consistency of the cement mortar, the wet-laid method is not easy to level in the construction process and is suitable for the laying of small-sized floor tiles. It is not easy to empty drums. Now, tiling is generally a wet-laid wall tile, dry-laid floor tiles. Dry-laid shops can improve work efficiency more than wet-laid ones. Dry-laid shops can reduce the emptying rate better than wet-laid ones. It is not necessarily. The key is to operate workers on different constructions. Whether the craft is skilled, such as the ground floor is not smooth, it is easy to use the wet shop to make the mortar thickness uneven. The above is some suggestions on whether the Xiao Bian is a dry-laid or wet-laid tile. I hope to help everyone.

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