Environmental friendly coatings will develop rapidly

Environmental friendly coatings will develop rapidly

Under the pressure of atmospheric governance and policy support, water-based coatings and other environmentally friendly coatings will usher in rapid development opportunities.

Academician Jin Yong of the Chinese Academy of Engineering also stated that water-borne paints and other environmentally-friendly paints are in line with international technological development trends and will be upgraded products of traditional paints, leading the new pattern of green paint. Under the requirements of the new environmental protection law, there will be no upper limit for penalties imposed by polluting enterprises, and organic volatiles brought by traditional paints will become the focus of remediation.

At present, the annual output of paint in China is close to 13 million tons, and the use rate of environment-friendly paint is less than 50%, while that in Europe and America is 70%-80%. From the perspective of the application category, 45% of the paint market is architectural decorative coatings, which are basically environmentally friendly coatings, with water accounting for 90% and powder coatings about 8%. In addition, nearly 50% of the market is solvent-based coatings, volatile formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic substances, a greater impact on the environment.

From the perspective of foreign markets, traditional paints have long been banned in European and American markets due to the destructive effect of paint on production and use. Since January 1, 2004, the European Union has completely banned the production and sale of solvent-based paints in EU countries and switched to water paints. The United States also restricted Chinese paint furniture from entering the US market in 2004. Water-based paint uses water as a diluent and does not contain toxic chemicals. Its comprehensive promotion will relieve atmospheric pollution sources and improve environmental governance.

According to calculations, the paint consumption tax policy will put pressure on the average paint industry's average profit margin of 5-10%, and for the water paint manufacturers, it is indirect and powerful policy support. In addition, China's “Regulations for the Administration of Production of Passenger Vehicles and Product Access” implemented on January 1, 2012, and “Water-based automotive paints for Zhong Tu and top paints” are explicitly included in the “Entering of Passenger Vehicle Manufacturers”. "Conditions and review requirements", the VOC emissions of waterborne paint is 60%-70% lower than that of oil paint, and the environmental benefits are obvious.

Overall, environmentally friendly coatings such as waterborne coatings and powder coatings will usher in rapid development opportunities. Jin Litai's main production of electrophoretic water-based paint, electrophoretic and ceramic water-based paint production accounted for more than 70% of the company's various types of paint products. The company's fund-raising project will be officially put into production in 2014. It is expected that the cathodic electrophoretic paint and topcoat will have a total production capacity of nearly 80,000 tons, with a market share of over 40% and 20% respectively in the commercial vehicle market. Shenjian is the largest powder coating polyester resin manufacturer in China and has an annual production capacity of 95,000 tons of polyester resin. Yusanxia A is the vice president unit of the Domestic Coatings Association. It has participated in or led the development of paint industry standards for many times. The company actively develops new products such as low-pollution and high-performance waterborne and high-solid paints by increasing R&D investment.

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