Future air-conditioning can not only save energy but also generate electricity

Do you worry about the electricity bill when you enjoy the cool air conditioning in the summer? Then you definitely hope that an air-conditioning system called BeCool can be successfully listed. The air conditioners used today are power-consuming appliances, and BeCool's new equipment can recharge fuel cells while cooling (or heating). In other words, such air-conditioning equipment can generate electricity while using electricity.

The BeCool development is a startup based in Florida, USA. The Power Tech system they created uses natural gas, which is rarely used for air conditioning. Even more valuable is that the system is capable of generating electricity. According to the scientific magazine Scientific American, the secret of the BeCool system is innovative evaporative cooling and waste heat utilization technology.

Evaporative cooling is not a completely new concept, but it has previously been limited by climatic conditions and can only be used in hot and dry places, not in hot and humid places. To solve this problem, the Power Tech system uses a desiccant to extract moisture from the air and then cool the air. In order to remove the moisture from the desiccant, the fuel cell in the system is on the field.

The energy generated by the fuel cell is sent to the building's power supply system after helping to drain the moisture in the desiccant, and provides energy for electric devices such as lights and computers.

BeCool plans to have their air-conditioning systems replace large-scale air-conditioning equipment in the near future. The commercial version will begin field testing in 2017, and if everything goes well, it will enter the market in 2018.

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