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Hard grinding of steel balls (2)

Source: Bearing network time: 2017-11-09

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The cause of punctate burns:
1. The grinding wheel rotates too fast; the steel ball suddenly speeds up the work,
2. When the grinding wheel is dropped (block) on the outer surface of the ball, some pressure increases sharply.
3. The steel ball is hit by the crack or the defect of the grinding wheel groove.
4. The spindle of the machine tool is damaged; the grinding wheel is swung too large.
5. The cast iron plate has blisters, pores and hard particles; the pressure on the outer part of the steel ball is too large.
6. The junction of the distributor and the entrance of the cast iron plate does not match; or the withdrawal of the dispenser causes the steel ball to stay at the entrance for a short time; and the groove of the grinding wheel is injured,
7. The goal of the cast iron plate is to smash the ditch.
8. The speed of the goal is too slow; the number of balls between the grinding wheel and the disc is too small;
9. The coolant is too dirty; the repair wheel does not finish the wheel residue in time.
The cause of burns in the Arctic:
1. Some dead angles on the machine tool; make a single ball not get the normal grinding surface into a large ball; the big ball only revolves in the groove; no rotation is kneaded by the two groove edges of the grinding wheel,
2. A certain groove is blocked by the grinding wheel block and the material of the material of the head; it is not detected and removed in time; for a long time; the groove will become shallow; when the ball enters the groove again from the head; it can be burned in the north and south poles.

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