Hidden Projects | Hydropower projects are not done, the trouble is great!

The most important program in home improvement is hydropower engineering. He belongs to the hidden project and it is related to the quality of life in the home and the safety of life in the future. Don’t be sloppy. Today Xiaobian gives everyone the expertise to work under the concealed work of the hydropower project. I hope everyone can Less regret on the decoration more satisfied!
Green skin      One, the mistakes of laying wires Because circuit laying is a hidden project, we must carefully and carefully carefully, do not let a moment of error caused after the rework dilemma! After all, hidden projects to rework, it can be too much trouble! 1, only one loop circuit construction time The circuit of the electric wire can't be just one, because if there is only one circuit, as long as there is a short circuit in one place, the whole room is slammed into darkness, obviously not desirable. (A point of problem, the line is all ambiguous) 2, wire color separation is not clear A lot of circuit transformation when the color of the wire is inadvertently required, only pay attention to the line of fire, zero line, ground three different colors just fine, but this Caused a great security risk. For example, at the time of maintenance, the master couldn't distinguish which line was the line by the color of the line, which made maintenance difficult. It also caused construction safety accidents.
(Firewire is usually red, and the zero line and ground line are not so clear, some are blue and yellow, some are blue-green, and yellow-green. So you should confirm the use of color before the transformation)
3, Directly burying wires and wires Although it is not common nowadays, but everyone must still have a good snack. Some black-hearted construction parties will directly bury electric wires in the wall during construction, which may become a safety hazard. In the future life, it is easy to produce Because of the lack of protection of the wires, the damage caused by corrosion can cause short circuits.
(The commonly used casing for home is PVC pipe)
Green skin      Second, there are big problems with small details of the small details of the circuit construction We put on the socket, small outlets, installation is good, so that your life is convenient. The installation is not good, then there may be confused. 1, the socket location is too low Many people think that the socket is too high, drag the cable too long, affect the appearance, but do not know if the socket installed if the location is low, the water is easily splashed into the socket, resulting in leakage accidents!
2, lack of protective measures sockets Toilets and kitchens, where the vapour is relatively large, in fact, many people have to install the lid to the lid of the acquaintance, but in indoor and other places may not be able to think of. However, if there is a child at home, Xiao Bian suggested that the socket should be selected to protect against electric shock. After all, children do not understand anything, if the fingers in-depth socket, the consequences could be disastrous.
(Position is too low to become a hidden danger.) Xiao Bian suggests using an internal socket with a flap to prevent electric shocks from the child's hand through the socket. You can also choose a socket with a very small socket, because the socket is small and you can't go deep inside.
3, a plurality of electrical appliances share the same socket Although this seems to be more peace of mind, but will make the line overload operation, resulting in fire hazards. Especially if you use a large kitchen, refrigerators, rice cookers, microwave ovens, induction cookers, etc., if you take a line, it can not support!
Xiao Bian suggested that air conditioners, washing machines, range hoods and other high-power electrical appliances should preferably use separate outlets. In general, it is best to install 4 sets of sockets in the bedroom, a set of 2.5 square meters in the living room, and a set of 1.2 square meters in the kitchen. According to investigations, in the fire accidents that occurred in China in the past 10 years, 30% of fires were caused by power outlets, switches, circuit breakers and other short-circuit causes, and were the first cause of various types of fires. It can be seen how important the correct installation of the socket is, sloppy!

Hidden project hydropower project


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