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I do not know you have not renovated small apartment house, renovated house many of my friends have the experience, whether it is large or small apartment, but also after some friends bought a small apartment in the house, but do not know how Habitat home decoration small family house renovation problems, Xiao Bian will say something to you, if you do not know all right, you do not have to go online tracking some remedial knowledge point, here small will the following article for you to ask questions of the problem Said in the middle.


What is the effect of the decoration of the small-sized home decoration? Don't worry, Xiao Bian has selected some renderings for your reference. When you see the renderings, you can also refer to the design of your own small-sized house. How do you decorate it? In fact, everyone sees the decoration effect of small-sized home decoration. The picture is so beautiful, in fact, the real decoration effect is a certain gap in the future. This is just a kind of reference. It can't be a real case. If you want to decorate your own small house, you can seriously read the small series. article.

In fact, no matter what kind of small apartment decoration, we must consider many factors, not to see the effect map will be decorated into the same effect, which also includes some of your own ideas and design concepts, can be added to the specific decoration In this way, the house that is decorated in this way is in line with the aesthetic standards of you and your family. Don't blindly refer to some plane renderings to compare the effect of your own house decoration. This will only make you feel that the gap with reality is very big. Therefore, it is still necessary to seek truth from facts.

When it comes to the decoration of small-sized houses, some friends who have great experience in decoration will think that since it is a small-sized apartment, there is no need to renovate the same standard as a large apartment. After all, the house is a small apartment. If it is decorated according to the decoration of a large-sized house, A lot of things can be ignored. In fact, Xiao Bian does not think so. Although his house is small, it is only a small decoration decoration of home decoration, but it is also necessary for you to carefully decorate it. This is your own small house. It is also very comfortable to decorate and live on your own.


Some friends will think that the decoration of the house and the home improvement of the small apartment decoration effect map are inconsistent? In fact, many people will make this mistake. It is to mix the physical object with the reference picture. The specific decoration effect is based on the actual decoration effect.

I have seen some of the above-mentioned home decoration small apartment decoration renderings, as well as a detailed introduction of Xiaobian. If your house is also a small apartment, then reading this article will definitely gain some afterwards, at least in your own decoration. When I have a certain experience and knowledge in the house, I won’t be in a hurry. More knowledge about the decoration will be updated afterwards.

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