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Why choose solid wood?

In search of nature.

Purchase and maintenance of solid wood flooring

Now high-end decoration will choose solid wood flooring as the ground material, because it takes natural materials, fine workmanship, comfortable feel, precious atmosphere. But natural things often require more professional purchasing knowledge and maintenance skills than composite floors.

Today we will talk about it-solid wood flooring .

Color and type of solid wood floor

Because solid wood floors are taken from different woods, there are great differences in types:

1. Ordinary solid wood flooring

There are pine, Chinese fir, longan, borneol, maple, birch, white cork, elm, etc.

2. Mid-range solid wood flooring

Fraxinus mandshurica, oak wood, linden wood, disc bean, lattice wood, red leaf sandalwood, new edible bean, heavy yellow bile wood, ash wood, slender skin jade core, iron wood

3. High-grade solid wood flooring

Red sandalwood / heavy antwood, teak, red pine, maple birch, gold wire, beech, rosewood, silver oak, balsam bean, etc.

Purchase of solid wood flooring

Because of the different materials used for solid wood flooring, its patterns, hardness and other attributes and prices are also very different, so there are some issues to pay attention to when purchasing:

1. The choice of materials should be within the range of their economic ability, just like it, without having to pursue precious wood;

2. The dryness of the wood is better, the moisture content is usually required to be below 15%, and the dryness is not easy to deform as the climate changes;

3. The surface texture can not have obvious reverse, errors and defects, but small defects are inevitable, because they are natural materials;

4. The processing technology must meet the required standards, the size of the plate must be compliant, and the profile must be straight;

5. If required to allow small pieces of floor splicing as possible, the longer the plate, the easier it is to deform.

Maintenance of solid wood flooring

Although solid wood flooring is expensive, it needs more careful care and maintenance than composite flooring because of its pure natural material characteristics:

1. The biggest enemy of solid wood floors is water. As mentioned above, the moisture content of each board has clear requirements at the factory. If the floor is accidentally blistered or sprinkled with large areas of water, the consequences will be very serious;

2. For small areas of water stains, just discover and clean in time;

3. Detergent is the second killer of solid wood flooring, where the unknown chemical composition will cause damage to the floor. Especially for the color-adjusted floor, if the detergent used is not neutral, it is likely to form a fade in the wiped place;

4. Stubborn floor stains should be cleaned with neutral detergent;

5. Oil stains will also cause damage to the solid wood floor, which should be avoided if it is difficult to remove;

6. The natural material properties of solid wood cause its texture to be soft, and scratches of hard objects should be avoided;

7. Fire is also a big natural enemy of solid wood floors. Smoking cigarette butts accidentally fall on the floor to form a seal, which is difficult to remove;

8. The solid wood floor is not suitable for long-term exposure and is easily deformed.

9. The best maintenance method for solid wood floors is to invite professional teams to regularly remove dust, clean and wax.

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