How can the cultivation of Fuqiu garlic seedlings be high-yield? High-yield planting techniques of Fuqiu garlic seedlings

High-yield planting techniques of Fuqiu garlic seedlings:

Seed selection

For the selection of seeds, Fuqiu garlic must choose high-quality early-maturing garlic. It is best to soak the seeds with high-fat film for 12 hours to promote better and faster germination of garlic.

Sowing at the right time

When cultivating the land, you must apply the base fertilizer, and then plant it in August-October. This reminds everyone that it is necessary to apply enough fertilizer to ensure the soil nutrients, and the garlic can grow better.

Field management

After sowing, it must be timely watered. After watering, don't forget to cover the soil. After 4 days, watering and topdressing should be carried out. It is best to top dress with water. Garlic can be better absorbed. Water is needed once every 2 days after fertilization. After 3 times of pouring, when the seedling height is 20cm, the second covering can be carried out. After the emergence of the seedlings, the high-fat film can be sprayed appropriately, which can effectively inhibit the infection of the bacteria.

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