How to decorate the design clinic? Clinic decoration design points

The design and decoration of the clinic is not easy, especially for the clinic doctors who have not experienced much in the decoration design. It is even more troublesome. So how to decorate the design clinic? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you the main points of the clinic decoration design for your reference.

How to decorate the design clinic?


Key points in the design of the clinic decoration 1. The interior design of the clinic should express the rich design connotation in a simple modeling language. Simplicity is not equal to simplicity. Simplicity is the expression of more and deeper meaning in the least language. It is another kind of complexity. The simple design is not to focus on the complexity of the modeling elements, but to form and organize the space with the simplest streamlines that are compatible with the functions of the hospital. For example, there should be enough rest seats in the hall, conspicuous information guides, computer inquiries. Machines, ATM machines, public telephones with high and low countertops, electronic displays, pleasant greening, sophisticated commercial space, and more.

Clinic decoration design points 2, clinic hall (inquiry, registration, charging, taking medicine) --- large space --- for the moving area --- hope that the environment is orderly, have a sense of trust in the hospital first impression, as soon as possible to arrive at the waiting Department. Should have a pleasant queue waiting environment, with good space guidance, should use a large number of simple, durable, medium and high-grade materials, a large number of repetitive identification signs, electronic screens, public telephones, indoor greening and other facilities.


Clinic decoration design points 3, waiting area --- medium space --- Yajing District --- hope to see the doctor as soon as possible, check the consultation condition. Should have a relatively quiet waiting environment, can observe the work situation in the clinic, should use the soundproof partition material, provide comfortable seats, TV, electronic screen, call system and other facilities to create a relatively stable waiting environment.

Clinic decoration design points 4, each clinic --- small space --- quiet area --- hope to get a clear diagnosis and satisfactory treatment plan. It should have a friendly and friendly environment with relative privacy. It is advisable to use a large number of simple and durable materials, with local high-grade materials embellished, using light tones and patient emotions.

The above is how to decorate the design clinic for Xiaobian. The whole contents of the design of the clinic decoration, I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of the clinic after reading this article, if you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel.

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