How to germination of celery seeds in the hot season?

How to germination of celery seeds during the hot season:

The suitable temperature for germination of celery seeds is 15-25 ° C. When it exceeds 30 ° C, it is difficult to emerge. Seeds can be treated in two ways to promote their germination.

1. High temperature treatment: After drying the seeds for 8-10 days before sowing, soak them in cold water for 24 hours, and change the water every 8 hours or so. Rinse the seeds, then rinse the seeds with water and rinse off the impurities until the water is clear. Wrap the above seeds in gauze and squeeze off some of the water. Put it in the refrigerator and keep the temperature at around 5 °C. Rinse the seeds once a day with water every morning and evening. After 2 days, dry the seeds in a light environment. Rinse twice with cold water every day. After each rinse, use the electric fan to align the seeds for 5-10 minutes. Blow off too much water on the seeds to prevent excessive water, causing insufficient oxygen and affecting germination. It usually takes 5-6 days to germinate.

2, cool treatment: the seeds that have been soaked according to the first method are wrapped in gauze, squeezed, wrapped, and then hung in the deep well 40-50 cm from the water surface, taken out twice a day with water, rinsed The moisture on the surface of the seed should be blown dry with a fan to increase the oxygen around the seed and then wrapped in the well. In this way, after 6-8 days of treatment, it can be germinated and sowed. Seeding with new high-fat membrane before sowing, can keep warm, moisturize, and swell, improve seed germination rate, and make seedlings strong. Repel underground pests and isolate viral infections. It can also be mixed with a seed coating.

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