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Speaking of the Chinese literati lifestyle, first of all, we have to talk about Chinese literati. Chinese literati have always been a special group in history. In essence, literati are all scholars. They are knowledgeable and advocating Confucian culture. They have certain talents and Skills, so they all have the characteristics of the literati themselves, that is pretentious, self-respected, the biggest wish is to embark on the career path to achieve self-worth, at the same time like beautiful and clean things, hoping to arouse social pursuit through their lifestyle and aesthetic appeal , So they will express their own noble feelings through poetry, poetry and writing, etc.

Therefore, drinking poems, drinking tea and tea, letting the waves out of the mountains and rivers, etc. have become important expressions for some frustrated literati to express their cynical emotions. At the same time, influenced by the Taoist culture, Chinese literati advocated "the unity of man and nature" and paid attention to the "beauty of harmony" . They longed for a leisurely life like a wild crane, unwilling to be restrained and restrained by the world.

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Well, the literati's lifestyle refers to a literati's lifestyle, quality of life, and life connotation. In terms of literati's quality of life and life connotation, "elegance" is the easiest way to reflect their taste and connotation of life. Ya is a realm of beauty. Literati advocates "elegance", and dignitaries and merchants are also vassals of "elegance". The literati's pursuit of "elegance" is mainly reflected in the content, function, location, shape and other aspects of the decoration of the study.

Such as the writing and writing utensils on the table case, the fan of painting and calligraphy hanging on the wall. In summary, the literati-style lifestyle can be divided into two aspects. In terms of material, the layout of the objects that are delicate and elegant, and the taste of the book is strong, and the relationship between the form and position of the decoration in the house; in spirit, it pursues a tradition. Excellent cultural cultivation and spiritual relaxation and tranquility. These two aspects are both interrelated and interrelated.

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The way of life of modern people is different from the ancient literati in form and concrete things. However, modern people and ancient literati mainly lived around work and leisure. Most people in our country today have a high level of cultural accomplishment, but fierce competition and huge pressure make most people become restless and want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and return to the simple and natural environment. They hope that through the design and selection of rooms and household items, they can express their desire to stay away from the hustle and bustle and achieve a peaceful and peaceful life. Just like most people are willing to go home and want to drink a little tea to relieve fatigue after busy work; or to practice calligraphy at the desk to stay away from the stress caused by complicated work and make the heart feel quiet; or Take a free book on the bookshelf and read it to enter the idyllic realm of the ancient people like the free cloud and wild crane.

The modern people who are under great pressure are even more willing to indulge in freedom, indulge in mountains and rivers, drink tea, grow flowers and bamboo, not only cultivate the sentiment, but also improve their cultural mentality and cultivation, fill the spirit and material, and willful What I want. Therefore, even if the Chinese literati lifestyle is today, I believe it will be loved by most people.

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The influence of literati lifestyle on Ming-style furniture

" Ming style furniture" is not the furniture of the specified generation, but the unique and concise furniture style formed from the generation to the early Qing Dynasty. Ming style furniture is the most mature period of furniture art in China. There are many types of furniture in this period. Roughly include: chairs and stools, desks, beds, cabinets, screens, etc., most of them use hardwood materials with hard nature, which are compact and exquisite in production, simple and elegant in shape, and unique in style. Its unique aesthetic style is a combination of various factors, and has a specific social background and profound cultural roots. Ming-style furniture may seem concise, but in fact contains a profound cultural heritage and connotation. It is the perfect unity of material and spirit, practicality and aesthetics. At the same time, Ming-style furniture is also a synthesis of technology and literati artistic aesthetics.

The reason why Ming-style furniture can achieve such a high achievement is inseparable from the participation of literati in the manufacture of furniture. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, due to changes in social and political backgrounds, a large number of literati turned to love to create elegant and tranquil interior settings. Interesting, and fun, which includes some literati began to participate in or make furniture by themselves, literati like simplicity and elegance and shame, so one of the biggest characteristics of Ming-style furniture in manufacturing is the natural texture of wood as decoration, Clean and refined, no paint or excessive decoration. Ming-style furniture has relatively high requirements for materials. Most of them use densely textured, lustrous colors, and gorgeous patterns of wood, mainly rosewood, ebony, red sandalwood, mahogany, etc. These materials are relatively hard texture, natural and elegant wood texture, smooth texture change. Such as Huanghuali wood, the texture is rich in layering, warm and elegant, try to show the original beauty of the material. These are in line with the aesthetics of the literati who are pursuing elegant nature, which embodies the literati's pursuit of the beauty of elegant Ming-style furniture materials, and also shows that the literati was obsessed with nature at the time and indulged in a free and quiet life between flowers and trees.

Ming-style furniture deposits a rich cultural heritage, contains the literati's thoughts, thoughts and feelings. Even literati embed calligraphy and painting into furniture. The poems and paintings of contemporary cultural celebrities are carved on the furniture, which can be said to be the treasure among the furniture. The cooperation of these literati painting, calligraphy, painting and furniture has enhanced the furniture's viewing level and enhanced the furniture's artistic value. Therefore, we can also call Ming-style furniture "literati furniture". Only when we have the feelings of literati to appreciate Ming-style furniture can we truly appreciate the taste.

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In addition to the beautiful materials, Ming-style furniture gives people the impression that it is succinct and generous in shape. Through the frame structure, the main modeling language is line to shape various body features. The line shape of the furniture is changeable; the proportion is even and proportional, and the points are clean and clean Neat, steady and upright, and beautiful and beautiful, this is because in the Ming Dynasty, literati painting was prevalent, and literati were influenced by traditional Chinese painting when making furniture, so they used the method of drawing in the painting and absorbed the traditional techniques. The above is refined into a simple, smooth, stretched, stiff linear change. The uniqueness of Ming-style furniture lies in the extremely clever use of curves. The linear style is mainly borrowed from the use of linear styles in bronze, ancient jade, ceramics, architecture, calligraphy, and other art forms. It is deeply magical and smooth. On the one hand, each part of the furniture shape is designed and processed linearly, so that all the components that constitute the furniture can exhibit a specific linear sense. On the other hand, the linearity of the components is integrated into the overall shape of the furniture It becomes the direct embodiment of the overall image of furniture.

In addition to the practical functions that the literati furniture of the Ming Dynasty must have, the aesthetic sense of "refined elegance" is often reflected in the extended beauty. Although Ming-style furniture, as household utensils, cannot purely convey such aesthetic feelings in artistic forms such as music or painting, we can still glimpse from its shape, the use of lines and the style of decoration, such as the combination of tables and chairs, All of them embodies the literati's orientation of furniture modeling and the pursuit of streamlining and appropriate principles. At the same time, it also reflects the literati's pursuit of life and aesthetic taste in life at that time.

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Reflecting the spirit of the literati in one thing and one thing is the most distinctive feature of the furnishings of the literati's living room in the Ming Dynasty. Due to the frustration of the literati ’s career, he was influenced by Taoism and pursued the “unity” between man and nature. He emphasized the unity of man and nature. Therefore, the layout of Ming-style furniture pursues the aesthetic beauty of the “round place”. The layout also shows the aesthetic characteristics and spiritual style of the literati. The most representative one is the Ming style circle chair. The design below the upper circle coincides with the cosmological view of the "sky circle place" in Chinese culture, with the circle as the main melody, which is stable and elegant, and quiet and far away. There is also a combination of tables and chairs. A square table and a semi-circular chair are combined into a harmonious and uniform square shape. In addition, in the layout of Ming-style furniture, more pursuit of a sense of elegance and tranquility, which also fully reflects that the literati at that time like the refined and elegant life, the layout of the residence in the pursuit of a unique and extraordinary. Imagine when the Ming literati clothed gown and robe, standing in a circle or sitting on a chair, or standing on the table, or sitting on the desk, or sitting on the couch, the layout of the Ming-style furniture, which is quite literate and elegant, fully reflects the Chinese literati ’s The principle of aesthetic harmony of "good things". At the same time, in addition to form, art and materials, a good piece of furniture also has the word "Jing", and the pursuit of the Ming style furniture also highlights the Chinese literati's feelings and expressions of the beauty of artistic conception.

Ming-style furniture is an object that can reflect the lifestyle of our literati to a great extent, and it also reflects the cultural spirit of the Chinese literati's emphasis on cultivation in all aspects . Ming-style furniture is the material culture and spiritual culture in the historical development of our country. Sublimation, the influence of the literati's lifestyle on Ming-style furniture can be described as far-reaching. Starting from Ming-style furniture, Chinese furniture has become more and more diverse.

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The value and significance of literati lifestyle

The reason why Ming-style furniture can be so enduring and so enthusiastic is sought after by so many people. It is inseparable from the participation of literati in the production. The more inseparable is the way of life of the literati. It is also because of their lyrical emotional sentiment. While the Ming-style furniture has practical and firm functions, it has also passed for a long time because of its unique and elegant temperament, and has been loved and respected by people of all generations. The literati-style lifestyle has a rich cultural heritage and contains profound ideas of the literati. At the same time, when mentioning the value of the literati-style lifestyle, one has to mention the relationship between the literati-style lifestyle and interior painting, calligraphy, furniture, and decoration. Influenced by thought, Chinese painting, calligraphy and decorative objects have their own uniqueness in terms of artistic conception and modeling content, and stand in the forest of world culture. The literati-style lifestyle incorporates spirit in utensils, combines taste with design, and blends leisure with material life. Embracing quaint charms, they are passionate about design and beauty, and thus gain spiritual transcendence. The process is a kind of dissipation of beautiful things. The literati lifestyle injects a gentle and artistic atmosphere into the living room design.

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The literati lifestyle today

In recent years, products such as Japan's "MUJI" and the Nordic natural minimalist style have been loved by the public. This kind of thing dubbed as "sexless brand" has been popular because of competition. With increasing intensity, people's pressure on work and life is increasing. Therefore, after work, people hope to have a place to relax and relax to relieve stress. However, with the continuous growth of the economy, people's living standards are improving day by day. People's pursuit of life not only stays in the material, but also attaches importance to spiritual development and resonance.

Based on this, the literati lifestyle can fully meet the needs of modern people. The literati lifestyle has aesthetic characteristics such as transcendence, subtlety, peace, and tranquility in the room furnishings. The literati lifestyle in our country has an advantage because the literati lifestyle Not only can it create an ethereal and elegant atmosphere, but at the same time, the literati-style lifestyle also contains China's rich traditional culture and excellent ideas, which can not only meet the spiritual inner needs of modern people, but also delight the body and mind and cultivate temperament through the beauty of art. , To obtain spiritual satisfaction and return. Can also cultivate self-cultivation, cultivate people's good quality and elegant aesthetic taste. Enrichment and abundance in spiritual culture are the inner requirements for a happy life and a good life.


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