In fact, everyone is jealous of the security of smart fingerprint locks?

Since the end of the renovation, I have never considered the safety of the door. Until I saw it in CCTV news a few seconds later, I could unlock it with tin foil, which reconsidered the safety issue.

In fact, I don't understand myself. Especially, I can say that I don't know anything about the door lock. I think it is better to see the tongue of the lock. As for the lock core, it basically belongs to a blank space. It is only after reading the news that the internship has started the security knowledge of the lock. In order to be more secure, the intention to change the lock is born.

In addition, the lock used in the home needs to be opened with a key, and it is tight when opened. This has to be a test of strength for a 5-year-old child. Everyone knows the child. I like to open the door for the first time. So every time I pick up the child, he takes the key, and then basically can't open it, and then ask me for help. Usually it’s okay, it’s a tragedy when it’s raining.

Ok, I have to go shopping after opening the door. The seat of the battery car is like this. . . . . . . This is a common thing, so this time I am going to change it and change it safer. So the target is locked to the fingerprint lock.

Speaking of fingerprint locks, everyone is no stranger. I thought about it when I renovated my home in 11 years, but at that time, the price of a fingerprint lock 8000 scared me back. Fortunately, with the development of technology, the price of fingerprint locks has become more and more close to the people, so the choice of Deschman Xiaoyun smart fingerprint lock with outstanding cost performance and security. Because locks are different from other commodities, it is related to the safety of the home. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a brand lock to be more secure. Deschman is one of the “Top Ten Brands of Chinese Fingerprint Locks” and participates in the highest standards for electronic locks of the Ministry of Public Security. Develop one of the units. Therefore, it is more secure in terms of safety.

As an old brand, Deschman is very strong in the after-sales service. It uses the express delivery. Before the mistakes were made, the thickness of the door frame was reduced, and the time was re-issued in less than one day.

Simple opening package, the box is divided into two layers, the upper layer is the battery, key, installation diagram and other accessories.

Underneath is the handle and the smart lock main part.

The entire lock body is covered with a plastic film to prevent scratching during the installation process, and it is better to tear it at the end of the installation.

After receiving the lock, Deschman contacted the installation three times before and after, and made an appointment to install the master. Although Xiaoyun’s smart lock is on the online route, everything does not need to worry about receiving the lock. After the sale, Will be installed by the master.

In fact, Deschman is a smart fingerprint lock K5 with a large European-style panel suitable for my home. However, the price is above 9000. In addition to the appearance of European and the main control is better, there is not much difference in essence. That is to say, in addition to the faster reaction, and the door of my home, there is no fundamental difference in the lock body, the function is the same, so after repeated entanglement, I chose a more cost-effective Xiaoyun cloud smart fingerprint lock. Xiaoyan is divided into two versions of bronze and nickel wire drawing. In order to be closer to the door of your own home, you can choose the bronze version. You can see that the color matching of the lock and the door is more harmonious. The only regret is that the droplet is a bit modern in style. .

The all-metal panel is used for wire drawing, and the texture is excellent. The whole shape tends to be simple and modern. However, the careful group may have also found that the silver wire on the left side exposes the small cymbal, which is more suitable for single door opening. For this double door, the button and the line should be relatively more beautiful.

The whole line is tough, and the corners of the workmanship are smooth and smooth, without burrs. The lower left corner is Deschman's LOGO.

The bottom is designed with a MICROUSB temporary charging interface. When the power is insufficient, you can use the mobile power to take power through this interface, thus ensuring the normal operation of the lock. Of course, the normal life of the battery is about one year, so there is basically no need to worry about this problem. In addition, a keyhole is designed to prevent the lock from opening when it is automatically locked by the slamming.

The 4 keys on the left are mainly used to activate Bluetooth. Like the mobile phone shakes and opens the door, the temporary password opens the door and other functions need to be activated once to use. This is the smartest place to do the smart fingerprint lock, open the door remotely. It is not directly opened with WIFI, but through the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone to prevent the password from being broken. However, the feel of using the keys is hard, and the function of the four keys is to activate Bluetooth. If the four keys correspond to different functions, it is even better.

In addition, the digital input and fingerprint input module are designed with a sliding metal cover, which is relatively concealed. After the cover, it gives a smear of the difference with the ordinary lock, and there is not much difference. The fingerprint recognition module will not be directly exposed, causing the thief's embarrassment. In addition, it is possible to prevent dust from invading by certain procedures. However, it is found that there is no damping when sliding, so the feel during sliding is relatively poor, and the metal collision sound will appear when it is drawn to the top and the cover. This compares the grade, and if you forget to cover it after sliding. The lid is always open. It is recommended to add damping to prevent the metal from colliding. If you can let it fall freely and close it after opening, it is better.

The difference between the indoor panel and the outdoor is that there is one more lock pin.

Open the inner panel to load the battery, the delivery is 8 1.5V 5 batteries, four groups, in fact, 4 sections can work normally, install 8 sections just to expand the capacity, increase battery life, this is also a small installation The root cause that can last for about 1 year.

There is a two-dimensional code on the inner cover, scan the code to download the corresponding APP to control the small 嘀.

The whole installation and registration process is more convenient, and the registration is verified by the mobile phone number, which is more convenient in operation.

The first time you have a boot icon, it's easy to operate.

The first time you have a boot icon, it's easy to operate.

First of all, you need to add users, and then enter fingerprints for each user, and support 80 sets of fingerprints. Even if it is three generations, it will not be enough.

When entering, press the prompt on the collector until the display of the APP is completed. It is recommended that each person collect 3 fingerprints for emergency use.

It is recommended to add an anti-hijacking fingerprint to each person. When you encounter a danger, use this fingerprint to open the door, you can receive a text message. In addition, support family management function, when the two accounts are connected, you can receive SMS reminders when you enter the door.

After a period of use, Xiaoyun's smart fingerprint lock gave me the most direct feeling is convenient. Now my 5 year old son can open the door by himself. I will pick up my son after work, even if it is rainy, I don’t need to open the door. It is very convenient.

In addition, when the mobile phone APP is logged in, the mobile phone can be shaken to open the door, which greatly improves the convenience.

For temporary opening, for example, when you come to the guest and you are just out, you have not yet come back. At this time, you can use the mobile phone to authorize the other party's mobile phone to open the door.

When the authorization is completed, the other party can successfully receive the text message and download the APP to open the door, so there is no need to go home to open the door.

Of course, the remote authorization needs to download the app, which is inconvenient for the elderly family, so it is more convenient to tell the password to open the door through the password input.

The biggest advantage of Xiaoyunyun's smart fingerprint lock is convenience. But for this new smart lock, we all look at the problem with a critical eye, especially in terms of security, is it reliable? Therefore, it has been specially studied for its safety.

In the picture above is the ordinary security door. It can be seen that the door can be easily opened with a plastic plate in the closed state.

The main reason for the analysis is that it is only the topmost single tongue lock when the door is worn, and the main lock body tongue is not locked, and the slope of the single tongue is outward. As long as the plastic plate can be attached to the single tongue, the force can easily put the single tongue into the door to open the door. This is the root reason why it is easy to open the door above, so the friend who uses this type of lock suggests that it is best to use the key to push the tongue out of the lock, and never be greedy.

The tongue of Xiaoyun’s smart fingerprint lock has a two-way design.

This kind of design, no matter how the metal piece is inserted, the top is the back of the double tongue instead of the inclined surface, which will not cause the retraction. In addition, the small square tongue of the Xiaoyun cloud smart fingerprint lock automatically pops up when the door is closed. Thus no need to use the key is full insurance.

It can be seen that when the top tongue is pressed, the lower three square tongues will automatically pop up, so it is more reliable in safety, and because it is automatically popped up, there is no need to use the key to lock the door, that is, it is off. Convenience. However, because it is a pop-up trial design, there is also a problem of loud sound when popping up. There is not much influence during the day. Only if you go home late in the evening, especially in a small square house, you can hear it all by the door. If the family has already slept, it will be very embarrassing.

In addition, when I unlocked the knowledge, I occasionally saw this video and unlocked it with a magnet for one second. This is mainly for the use of magnetic electronic doors. Like many corridor doors in a community, this is a simple way to judge. It is OK to have magnetic on the door frame of the corridor door of the community.

In fact, I was rather puzzled before, because it was the first time I used the smart lock. After I lost the fingerprint, how can I open the door with my hand? Not automatically open? In fact, I still had a little complaint before, and I only know one after I saw the video above, mainly to prevent the thief from sucking with the magnet. Because Xiaoyunyun smart fingerprint lock only uses the motor to make the handle work, and the inside does not suck and suck the tongue of the lock with magnetic like the electronic lock. Therefore, although it is still inconvenient to open the door manually, it is more reliable in terms of safety.

In addition to closing the door automatic lock and preventing the magnet from being sucked open, when the door is not completely locked, the Xiaoyun cloud smart fingerprint lock can emit the alarm sound of the drip. If you do not notice it, you can receive the SMS reminder in about 3 seconds. This is something that traditional locks can't match.

In the past, I suggested that when you enter your fingerprint, the purpose of setting an anti-support fingerprint is to send an alarm to the specified mobile phone when it is dangerous. When you open the door, just press the finger differently, there will be no one who finds anything wrong.

The mobile phone can indeed receive such information and solve the current crisis in a timely manner.

In addition, when someone tries to open the lock, there will be a reminder to the mobile phone, especially the technical type unlocking. When the password or fingerprint is entered incorrectly 10 times or more, the alarm will be sent on the mobile phone, and the lock will be automatically protected for a period of time. Fingerprint and password input are not accepted. Come for the family to deal with time. These functions do not need to be configured, all you have to do is connect the lock to the WIFI at home.

Finally, let's talk about the problem of tin foil seconds unlocking.

For the A pole and B pole lock core is basically open in 5-30 seconds, but do not worry too much, for the super B pole lock core tin foil can not be opened, if the home is still A grade B lock recommended speed lock core.

Let's take a look at the lock core of Xiaoyunyun's smart fingerprint lock. The shape of the key can be easily distinguished from the super-B lock cylinder used, so the difficulty of opening it is very large, plus Xiaoyunyun smart fingerprint. The alarm function of the lock is basically impossible to open without being caught.

Xiaoyuyun smart fingerprint lock [excellent] point:

1 After-sales service is perfect, follow-up is timely, although the network route is taken, but there is no difference between the service and the local purchase. There is a special person to install it on the door to solve the worries.

2The metal panel is brushed, and the stainless steel lock body ensures the value while having sufficient structural strength.

3 very convenient to use: may use a variety of door opening methods, support mobile phone shake and unlock, fingerprint unlock, password unlock, remote mobile phone to send a one-time password unlock. Especially for families with children, it is possible to let the child unlock with a fingerprint without the problem of losing the key. In addition, when the family comes to the guest, for example, the sister comes and I just buy the food, then I don’t need to let the customer wait outside. He can use a remote one-time password. These are unmatched by traditional locks.

4 consider the full range of battery life, powered by the 5th battery, easy to replace. The 8-cell battery uses 4 sections for 4 weeks, and lasts for one year. When the power is insufficient, in addition to early warning, you can temporarily open the door with the mobile power supply through the MICROUSB power supply interface at the bottom.

5 intimate reminder function: there is an audible alarm when the door is not closed, in addition to SMS reminder. When I used traditional locks in my home, I always walked halfway. Sometimes I would like to see if my door is closed, and then I will return to see it. Some obsessive-compulsive disorder, now I have the reminder function, I can safely go. At the same time, in the family mode, you can clearly understand the time when the other party enters the home. In special days, such as the birthday of the other party, you can prepare in advance, and then you will surprise the other party after seeing the reminder. When the other party is in danger, you can use the anti-hijacking fingerprint to push the alarm information to the mobile phone of your loved ones in a quiet manner, so as to get timely rescue.

6 multiple security design. Firstly, the double tongue is used to prevent the metal sheet from being inserted and unlocked. At the same time, the three square tongues automatically pop up when the door is closed, and the lock is completely locked, that is, it is convenient and safe to close and close, and secondly, for technical unlocking, when the fingerprint or password is input more than 10 times, A text message will be sent to the owner's mobile phone to indicate that someone is unlocking, and the lock is automatically protected. Fingerprint input or password input is not supported for a period of time, which has the effect of preventing the technical cracking of the password by the computer. It also took measures for the homeowners to fight for time. In addition, when someone is violently shackled, there will also be a text message pushed to the phone. For the powerful magnet to unlock, the small cymbal only uses the motor to make the handle use, and the inside does not suck and suck the tongue of the lock with magnetic like the electronic lock. Therefore, although it is necessary to manually pull the handle when opening the door, it is inconvenient, but it can prevent the strong magnet from cracking and unlocking. Finally, I have to say a problem with the escape lock cylinder. Many people know that this is a weakness. In fact, the super-B lock cylinder is used here, so it is quite reliable in terms of safety.

Xiaoyun cloud smart fingerprint lock [not] foot:

1 Although two colors are available, the shape of the panel is not rich enough. If there are more styles of panels that can be replaced, it is better, such as European style and elongated panels.

2 support for single door is better, but the support for double door is not perfect. First of all, the panel is either left or right, and there is no symmetrical panel that supports double door opening. Secondly, when the double-opening door is closed, there is always a problem that the door is not locked. This is described in detail later. Of course, there is no such problem in single-opening.

3 remote one-time password unlocking is good, but the operation is more complicated, you need to let the other party download a dedicated APP and also need to register, this process is acceptable for the annual people, but for the older elders It is not realistic.

4 reminder function is very good, but the premise is that the lock must be connected to the Internet through WIFI, there is a BUG, ​​that is, Xiao Wei supports 2.4G WIFI, but can recognize that 5G can also prompt the connection, but actually can not afford Functioning. This needs attention.

5 Closed door automatic pop-up locking is good and convenient, but when the double tongue hits the door and the three square tongues pop up, the noise is relatively large, but it is still acceptable during the day. When the night is quiet, you work overtime in the middle of the night to open the door. That voice can wake up a family.

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6 to the role of protection and dust, but the stroke is not smooth enough, and there will be metal collision sound when combined. In addition, the key input by the password is harder when pressed, and the hand feeling is relatively poor.

7 There is no heartbeat detection between the server and the lock, that is to say, when the WIFI has a problem, the lock is not connected to the network at this time, and all the information and alarm functions are invalid.

8 A lot of saying that the weakness points to the escape lock, this is the wrong view Super B-class lock core is relatively safe, I personally think that the weakness is precisely on the MICROUSB interface under the panel. Although the design is to consider the temporary opening of the door, but it can be used by people, use high voltage through this interface to directly penetrate the internal circuit to disable all alarm functions and self-locking function, then rest assured that bold.

Sanghua Comments:

Xiaoyun's smart fingerprint lock is rich in functions, convenient to use, and supports SMS push. Although there are some shortcomings, combined with its less than 2000 price and excellent after-sales support, it can be said that the price performance is prominent at this price. The smart fingerprint lock with cloud support cable is basically above 2500.

some advices:

1 More styles of replaceable panels, such as European, elongated panels, etc. to suit different needs.

2 It is recommended to change the remote one-time unlocking to the SMS push one-time password, which is more convenient in use.

3 When connecting to WIFI, you can make a reminder, only support 2.4G wireless network, to avoid someone to connect to 5G network. I just took this detour, the connection is normal, but the information is not pushed, but later connected to 2.4G It is normal.

4 Closed door automatic pop-up is convenient, at the same time the cost is low, but the lock is too noisy, whether you can consider the motor-driven way to replace the pop-up.

5 The front sliding cover is recommended to fix a piece of rubber on the inside of the top to prevent collision. In addition, if you can open it and slide it freely under the action of gravity, it will be better to automatically cover it.

6 heartbeat detection between the server and the lock must be there. For example, after the first connection is activated, the WIFI lock is sent to the server every minute. The service also determines whether the lock is connected to WIFI. If the time is not received within 3 minutes, push a message to the mobile phone, pay attention to check the WIFI network, so as to ensure that the lock alarm and other functions can also push information to the mobile phone.

7MICROUSB interface I personally think that it is not necessary. Since there is an alarm function under low power, then an alarm push can be performed every day at the beginning of low battery to solve the problem of insufficient battery. Therefore, this interface does not exist, and its existence will be People use.

8 Finally, I talked about some of my own ideas and improvement plans for the double-opening door. Because my family is double-opening the door, Xiaoyan is not satisfied with the double-opening door. The friends who open the door alone do not have this trouble. In addition to the panel is not symmetrical, the most troublesome thing for me is that the double door is closed and the lock is always unable to fully pop up. It must be pushed by hand.

The main reason for the analysis is that the square tongue and the gusset are both 90 degrees, so the accuracy requirement is particularly high, and the lock can be automatically locked only when the two are completely opposite. But the other side of the double door is also the door, so it is impossible to not shake at all, so that the king will cause the popup to pop up half because there is no alignment.

The problem was found. My idea was to change the gusset and polish the gusset at a 40-degree angle. Of course, this would increase the adaptability of 0.5 mm for a gusset that is not particularly thick, so that the tongue is at the top of the slope. Slid in.

This can also be done for gussets that are not particularly thick, with a slope on one side, which is much better than sanding.

In addition, for the bolt, the shape of the bullet is changed to the shape of the bullet in the above figure, and the slope of the gusset plate can increase the tolerance of the lock to the double-opening door, and guide the two when the pop-up is implemented. Locked completely underneath.

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