Internal wall waterproof coating decoration method common problem of interior wall paint finishes

Interior wall waterproof coating is widely used in residential and school office buildings. At present, there are varieties of interior wall waterproof paints on the market: synthetic resin emulsion paint (commonly known as latex paint), water-soluble interior wall paint, polyvinyl alcohol and water glass as the main film-forming substances, including various modified economic coatings; colorful interior walls Coatings, including both oil-in-water and water-in-water types; in addition to fibrous coatings, imitation ceramic coatings, suede coatings.

Among the many interior wall decorative paints, latex paint has been favored for its elegant, fresh decorative effect, non-toxic and odorless environmental protection features, becoming the main varieties of interior wall paints, especially the advent of Nippon Paint latex paints. The development of latex paint has increased the vitality. This paper analyzes the causes of the common problems of interior paint finishes in various coatings, and proposes preventive measures and correct construction methods for interior wall paint finishes.

1, the basic decoration method of the wall

The basic function of the outer wall is to protect the wall, improve the physical properties of the wall (such as heat insulation, moisture, noise, etc.) and also play a role in beautifying the wall surface.

The function of the interior wall decoration of the interior wall is not only the protection of the wall, easy cleaning, reflective functions, reflected sound waves and sound absorption functions, and the function of heat preservation and interior decoration. Since it is an indoor wall, of course, it can also be decorated by many methods: plastering decoration, veneer decoration, surface decoration and coil decoration. Plastering decoration is similar to exterior decoration, except that the inner wall does not require a very wide mortar seam and is generally finer and softer than the outer wall. The main application materials are paper limestone, big white powder and various paints, interior wall paints. Of course, there are many kinds of decorative materials, there are many options, you can directly paste the pattern of dog hair, in order to achieve the three-dimensional effect of the wall.

2. Common problems and causes of internal wall paint decoration materials

In the course of using the coating, especially after a long period of time, the veneer will cause some common problems, which will destroy the overall effect of the veneer, and will also cause many annoyances to the residents' lives. Therefore, it is very important to find out the common causes of veneers that are easy to produce. Only in this way can corresponding measures be taken.

Commonly used interior wall paint finishes are as follows:

a, Facing hair, uneven color

b. Waves, Cracks, and Shedding of Coating Finishes

3, the internal wall of waterproof coating facing common problems

a, in order to overcome the coating hair, uneven color, can be used to prevent the following measures: the use of appropriate pigment dispersant, the best organic and inorganic dispersants matching use, so that the pigment is in a good stable dispersion state; properly increase the viscosity of latex paint If the gelling degree is too low, the floating color phenomenon is serious, and when the viscosity is high, even pigments with large differences in density will reduce the tendency of delamination. Before the construction, the paint should be fully stirred to make it uniform, without precipitation or floating color. During construction, do not arbitrarily dilute and dilute; construction brushing strives for evenness and the coating film should not be too thick. The thicker the coating film, the more likely it is to appear floating color and cause blooming. In order to make the base layer absorb the coating evenly, it is best to apply a sealing primer. .

b. To prevent the peeling and peeling of the interior wall coating film, the following preventive measures may be adopted: The construction temperature shall comply with the construction requirements of different coatings. Such as latex paint should be above 5 degrees Celsius; according to different occasions and requirements, select the appropriate color, base ratio, can not increase the cost of the face, the amount of filler; the base layer should be handled well, will loose shovel off, the floating dust, Clean oil; according to the specific conditions of the wall and the type of paint used; apply an interface agent to the surface that is too smooth or take other measures to enhance the paint adhesion and reduce shedding.

The relevant information on the interior wall waterproof coating is introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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