Interpretation of living room decoration digital puzzles open the door to comfort

Want to decorate a good house, in addition to the appearance of the decoration and the inner storage function, there are ergonomic key dimensions! Once the ratio is out of balance, people will feel “like” not very comfortable. For example, if the sofa is too long to occupy too much space, if the walkway is too narrow, it will hit the table. Even the height of the tables and chairs will affect the appearance of the “home”. feel.

The most important spiritual expression of a home is usually set in the living room. Apart from the interactive space of the family, it is also where friends and relatives are hosted. Therefore, the comfort of the living room will also become a “home” for people. First impression! Xiao Bian will take everyone with you today to analyze the digital relationship in the living room space to help everyone have a comfortable life!

Key number 01 - TV size

In this era of 60, 70, or even 100-inch TV screens, you want to maintain the best viewing quality, in addition to the screen itself, the size of the election is also very important! It is suggested that the distance between the sofa and the TV wall be measured first, and then it is decided to buy several TVs. The calculation method is: TV viewing distance (cm) ÷ 2.5 times (drawing TV diagonal) ÷ ​​2.54 (converting centimeters into 吋) = TV number suitable for purchase, such as sofa-to-television distance of 350 cm → 350 ÷ 2.5÷2.54=55.12, it can be found that the most suitable TV size is 55吋. (can be used as a reference value for the optional TV)

★ Small reminder: Most people sit at a height of about 110 to 115 centimeters, it is recommended that this height down about 45 degrees, that is, the height of the center of the TV should be 80 to 110 centimeters from the ground, if the wall type, the bottom of the TV away from The distance to the ground is 60 to 66 centimeters, 50 to 44 to 74 centimeters, and 42 to 42.5 to 72.5 centimeters.


Key number 02 - sofa size

Want to pick a comfortable sofa, the recommended size can be divided into three types: single, double, triple and sofa bed (see table below). In addition to sitting comfortably, visual comfort is also very important. Usually the width of the sofa against the wall is suggested to be 3:4 in proportion to the wall width. For example, a 4 meter wall, a 3 meter sofa, or 2.5 The metre sofa has a 0.5-meter side edge.


★ Small reminder: In addition to avoid buying long or short sofas, there are still some numbers that need to be watched. For example, it is advisable to set aside 30 to 40 cm in the passage from the coffee table to the sofa so as not to make room for space. Cramped.


Key Figures 03 - Coffee Table Size

The coffee table can be divided into rectangular, square and round (the size is suggested as the following table), and the position of the coffee table should be kept between 30 and 40 centimeters between the sofa; the width of 75 to 120 centimeters is reserved between the television and the shuttle. Not limited.


★ Small reminder: If the number of home floor is small, it is recommended to use the side to replace the placement function.


Remarks: The above text is for ergonomic size reference, because each user's height and body conditions are not the same, so the configuration space and procurement of furniture should still be slightly adjusted according to their own circumstances.

TV sofa coffee table comfortable living room

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