Is the Chinese brand consciousness beginning to awaken the road to smart locks?

With the prevalence of technology and technology, the intelligent industry is popular all over the world. The smart city plan is constantly being promoted in China. As an entry product of smart homes, smart door locks have become the choice of many families. However, many consumers will entangle in the choice of domestic brands smart locks or imported brands of smart locks?
Domestic brand smart lock or imported brand smart lock
It is undeniable that in most people's consumption consciousness, foreign brands bring a high-quality, high-performing aura; and domestic brands seem to always have a rustic interest. Of course, in recent years, everyone's attitudes and concepts have been continuously improved. The state is also vigorously promoting the "national brand plan". The leading domestic brands in various industries are rapidly emerging, and efforts are made to change the inherent understanding of domestic brands.
Returning to the discussion of smart locks, we hope that it will firstly ensure the safety of the family, and secondly, it will provide more convenient and intelligent security products for our access. Then we first compare the smart lock products at home and abroad from the perspective of security.
It is very important that there are differences in the styles of door locks at home and abroad. At this time, the differences are caused by different national conditions.
China has a large population and a complex environment. In China's relatively complex social environment, people have higher requirements for security, and have produced door lock products with Chinese characteristics such as steel doors, security doors, and heaven and earth poles. The foreign brand smart lock is relatively simple in terms of the use environment. In the face of China's smart lock use environment, the compatibility is compromised during installation and use, and the hidden troubles are naturally more.
Chinese brand awareness awakening
Chinese brands are based on China's actual market demand, research and development production, but the hidden dangers are less, even if there is a problem, the speed of after-sales help will be much faster. After all, many foreign smart lock brands have not yet had an after-sales point in China.
Smart locks meet the basic functional requirements of security, and its humanized and intelligent functions bring convenience to life is another major reason why people prefer smart locks. A variety of door opening methods, anti-theft, door opening records, remote control and other humanized functions, almost the standard of smart locks, at this point, domestic smart locks have even far exceeded imported smart locks.
Of course, because the imported smart lock developed this market earlier, the good appearance, and the double addition of the brand effect and the Chongyang consumption concept, has created great temptation for consumers. However, once consumers understand the technology and various performances, the domestic smart lock brand products are more suitable for the Chinese market in terms of installation, use, after-sales and price. The smart lock of Chinese brands may not be inferior.
Perhaps you have also felt the awakening of Chinese brand awareness. The products are not only very slippery in marketing, but also have improved much in product design, quality inspection and Internet thinking.
There is still a long way to go for the domestic smart lock brand. If our consumers re-examine our domestic brands with a developmental perspective, they will give more trust to the regular brands of the national products, thus combining the best interests of the people and the nation. The brand, becoming the brand of the world is just around the corner.

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