Marble baseboard height marble baseboard effect

With the progress of artificial stone technology, the marble baseboard also changes from light to dark, and the colors from plain to granules are constantly changing. The patterns are varied and more and more suitable for various kinds of home decoration styles. Line requirements. Then, Xiaobian will introduce the height of the marble baseboard and the role of the marble baseboard.

Marble baseboard height

Many people are very concerned about the height of the marble baseboard when choosing a marble baseboard. The marble baseboard height specification is generally 5-15cm, but the more commonly used marble baseboard height is generally about 10cm. The marble baseboard with a decorative pattern will reach a height of 15 cm. The thickness of the marble baseboard is generally 8-12mm.

Marble baseboard size

At present, the size of the baseboard in the market is very large. If it is not satisfied with the size of the baseboard on the market, it can be customized at the merchants themselves. The size of the baseboard for the general household is relatively low, the size of the baseboard decorated in public places will be relatively high, and the baseboards of various materials are also very numerous. According to the current baseboard market, the most commonly used household baseboard sizes are usually 80 to 100mm, which is a relatively low baseboard size, and a high baseboard size of 150 to 250mm. If the home improvement is used, the 80 to 100mm baseboard size is almost the same.

Marble baseboard effect

1. Prevent wall from deformation and damage due to external force collision

The addition of a skirting line in the house can prevent the wall from being soiled, but it can also make the wall and the floor more securely combined, preventing the wall from being deformed and damaged due to external forces; at the same time, the skirting line can be applied to tile stones, etc. , Easy to scrub, for example, when the owner often drags the floor, it is easy to splash dirty water on the bottom of the wall, so it is easier to wipe clean.

2, the baseboard height to set how much better

Baseboard height to set how much better, in order to obtain better visual effects, the baseboard must be set according to the proportion and functionality, the general baseboard height is 8-12CM high, less than 8CM, The proportion is asymmetric, creating its meaning and visual effect. If it is higher than 12CM, it is too eye-catching and has a feeling of disappointment.

3, baseboard color choice

The color of the baseboard is also selected according to different places. In general, the baseboard is often darker than the floorboard. This is a contrast and can show the effect, but it must be matched with the wall and the functional area. Kitchen and bedroom baseboards are generally not the same. The bedroom is a private space. The kitchen is mainly functional. It is easily soiled. Therefore, in many cases, their colors are not the same. Of course, the space is large and small. The space is not the same, the small space baseboard is generally lower than the large space, such as small space is 8-10CM, large space is mostly 10-12CM.

Editor's summary: The height of the marble baseboard and the role of the marble baseboard are introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

Baseboard baseboard to install marble baseboard height

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