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At present, there are many massage chair brands in China , so that consumers can hardly distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of products when purchasing. In order to get a deeper understanding of massage chairs, here is a detailed explanation of each brand. History, background, and product characteristics, and the collection of the top ten Chinese massage chair brands, is also the most influential brand, representing the mainstream of the domestic massage chair market, I hope to help everyone.


Massage Chair Brand Introduction

Panasonic: When it comes to the brand Panasonic, many consumers first think of this is a well-known brand in the electronics industry. In fact, Panasonic massage chairs are widely recognized in the industry. The low-end is domestic assembly production, and some high-end is Japanese original. Imports, but the price is too expensive, the consumer group is not big. Advantages, good quality and high comfort. Disadvantages, the product cost is not high, the maintenance cost is large.

Fuji: Japan, the earliest manufacturer of massage chairs, is the main product of Japanese medical devices. Like Panasonic, it is affirmed by performance. The advantages, craftsmanship and technical level are high, and the concept of healthy living, comfort and massage techniques are well received by the public. Disadvantages, simple style, the appearance is not too attractive, and the price is high.

Sanyo: It is also a Japanese brand. The biggest feature is that it has a joint massage ball set, which is also a major feature of Sanyo's high-end massage chair products. It is newly developed with a large thumb that can be used as a human hand, and can be used for active massage balls. Sanyo's footsteps in the research and development of technology and the pursuit of humanization of products have always been at the forefront. The advantage is that it is more humane, the simulation and comfort of the massage are perfect. Disadvantages, the price is expensive, the style is old.

Impression of spring: domestic brands, produced in Suzhou. Originally, it has been exporting, and it has been processed for foreign brands. It is now resold to the domestic market. Due to the correct positioning of the products, the technical quality has an advantage and the development speed is very fast. Mainly based on direct sales, the cost performance is relatively high, occupying a large share in online shopping. Advantages, perfect service, long warranty time and high cost performance. Disadvantages, less physical stores.


Dongfang Shen: The brand was founded in 1988. It is the first professional manufacturing enterprise engaged in massage rehabilitation equipment in China. It currently has two production bases in Zhejiang and Fujian. The main market for massage chairs is concentrated in the low-end, high-end massage chairs are not enough research and development, and do not invest too much energy in technological innovation. He has done a good job in public welfare activities and medical cooperation, and has a good reputation. Advantages, the middle and low end have a certain strength, the quality is good. Disadvantages, general after-sales service, short warranty time.
Rongtai: The location of Shanghai, the top 5 domestic massage appliance export enterprises. In the advertising investment, this piece of money is huge, CCTV media has been launched, and several stars have been invited to speak. Cooperated with the aerospace industry and participated in the construction of the China Aerospace Foundation. Advantages, strong strength, a wide range of advertising, product styles are relatively new, beautiful appearance; the disadvantage is that the massage technique is too soft, is not good for relieving fatigue, and the price is slightly expensive, the price is not high.

Life Power: The company is in Guangzhou, and the brand is linked to Hong Kong. Engaged in electronics and electrical equipment early on. Later it was transformed into the production and development of massage equipment. Advantages, strict quality requirements, strong design, and systematic management. Disadvantages, the price is expensive, the warranty time is short, and the domestic market share is not high.

Easy Companion: The massage chair brand of Xiamen Mengfali Company is mainly engaged in the design, production and sales of massage products. It is currently the largest massage appliance industry group in China. Mainly export-oriented, the domestic market share is small, the market development is not enough, leading to the brand almost disappeared. Later, the company was affected by the financial crisis, and the export was frustrated. The previous export brand “Aojiahua” was returned to the domestic market for sales, but it was an international brand. Advantages, mature technology. Disadvantages, the brand concept is not strong, the market is not well managed, and quality management needs to be improved.

Rongkang: It is a product of Shandong Kangtai Industrial Co., Ltd. The price ranges from 8,000 to 30,000. The style design tends to be old, the sense of the times is not strong, the quality is OK, and there are many advanced production lines. The earliest period has cooperated with Matsushita of Japan.

Sanhe Turquoise: The production site is in Beijing and belongs to the early batch of massage chair manufacturers. Due to changes in its own development planning, it has now switched to exit the massage chair market. At present, the massage chairs and foot bath products and small massage chairs sold on the market are the legacy of the past. Advantages, quality can also be; shortcomings, product innovation is not enough, the internal restructuring of the company affects the strategic pattern.


The above is a detailed explanation of the massage chair brand that Xiaobian has arranged for you. If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to the official website of our home.

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