New Sensor Can "Blink" Command Smart Home Switch [Full Text]

The development of dynamic intelligence in science and technology has driven the development of sensors because intelligence cannot be separated from sensors. Whether it is gravity sensors, distance sensors in smart phones, or visible light sensors, humidity sensors in smart home appliances, etc. are all accelerating sensors. Industry development.
In the summer of the summer, under the armpit switch, the breeze is gradually blowing; the urban environment is not as good as the PM2.5 in the car. We have not yet noticed that the car will automatically respond to air cleaning... these smart Magic, behind it is actually a mysterious object - the sensor. Learn more about it together.
New human-machine interactive sensors
On July 29, Chinese scientists designed a new type of sensor that can be attached to eyeglasses to detect blinking movements, thus making it possible to “turn the blink of an eye” to complete everyday tasks such as switching on home appliances.
The sensor is composed of two layers of upper and lower film with a certain gap in the middle. The sensor is mounted on the temples and contacts the skin near the corner of the eye. When the eyes move, slight movement of the skin around the corners of the eyes will make the two layers of film come into contact with each other; after the eyes open, the eyes will open and the two layers of film will separate. A conductive layer is formed on the back side of the film to generate a pulsed electrical signal output corresponding to blinking.
It is reported that in order to realize the new sensor, Chinese scientists have made full use of the frictional nano-power generation technology that has been popular in recent years to design a new sensor to detect the tiny movement of the skin near the temple caused by blinking. Compared with traditional detection methods, not only the sensitivity is extremely high, but also has better durability and stability.
Expect to achieve more complex applications with two eyes
In a sense, the sensor is the interface between the external world and the Internet of Things system. In addition to being able to control the opening and closing of electronic devices by blinking, the design can also input on a virtual typing human-computer interaction interface, such as typing out English words and space symbols to form sentences. Due to the extremely high sensitivity and stability of the sensor, the accuracy of accomplishing these tasks is high.
Please click here to enter the picture description According to Chinese scientists, we plan to further improve the blinking input method system in the future and strive to enter it in this way.
In addition, researchers hope to achieve more complex applications such as remote-controlled smart devices through a combination of two eye movements.
Market demand for sensors will increase
Today, the advancement of informatization and intelligence brings a huge market for the sensor industry. Sensors have a broad range of applications in areas such as smart agriculture, smart industry, intelligent transportation, building energy conservation, smart environmental protection, smart grid, health care, and smart wear. Application space.
Under the impetus of the booming Chinese electronic information industry market, sensors have formed a certain industrial base and have made considerable progress in technological innovation, independent research and development, results transformation and competitiveness.
At the same time, under the guidance and support of a series of policies that the country has vigorously strengthened the development and application of sensors, China's sensor industry is facing a good development prospect and the future growth space is expected to expire.
China has developed a new type of sensor that can “switch on” the home appliance

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