Paint companies must know how to promote

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Promotion is a common way to improve performance, increase sales, and reduce inventory. Essentially, a promotion is a short-term incentive for a customer's purchase behavior. What are the common promotion methods? Today I have summarized the common promotion methods for everyone, I hope to help you.

Promotion method

1, the sole promotion method: the merchants on the popular best-selling goods are a large number of purchases, big advertising, and constantly expand sales, because the business principle of the business is to earn back the profits that can be earned. But Italy's famous Lai's store is doing the opposite, taking a unique sales method. This store only sells once for all the goods, and it is no longer in stock. Even if it is very popular, it will hurt. On the surface, the store lost a lot of profit at hand, but in fact the store has accelerated the commodity turnover and achieved greater profits because all the goods are very popular. This is because the store has seized the customer's psychology of “things are rare”, which gives the customer a strong impression. The customer thinks that the goods sold in the store are all up-to-date, and they can’t be lost. . Therefore, any merchandise listed on this store will be sold out. This method is similar to the “limited sales method” adopted by some domestic stores.

2, anti-time promotion method: In general, for some seasonal goods, there are often sales of off-peak season. Because the mass consumer psychology is "there is no money to buy half a year of leisure", that is, according to the demand of the season, what is missing what to buy. The same is true for merchants, which are basically supplied on time. Therefore, goods are often very popular in the peak season of consumption, and are often slow-moving during the off-season. But now some businesses are doing the opposite. In the summer of the summer, the winter goods that were originally unsalable in the market, such as fur coats, heating appliances, fur boots, down jackets, etc., are optimistic in some cities. This is what people often call "anti-seasonal promotions." Careful merchants often introduce seasonal sales of goods, and consumers are not lacking in buyers, the main purpose is to obtain seasonal differences.

3, tillage promotion method: This refers to the promotion method of attracting old customers in the form of after-sales service. Some stores that sell electrical appliances, watches, glasses, etc., specifically register the name and address of the customer. Then, through special interviews or questionnaires, do you know if there are any problems with the goods purchased by the old customers in the store in the past? Etc., with the introduction of new products. The purpose of this is to increase the customer's goodwill towards the store, and to buy new related products, often get wonderful results. The key to this promotion is that the store has a sophisticated customer management system that maintains frequent and in-depth communication with customers.

4, the round-up price reduction promotion method: This requires the merchant to select some products in batches in batches as special products, and make a large poster posted inside or outside the store, or printed as a small leaflet to the customer. These special items are limited to three or four times each period, in order to attract small profits but quick turnover, attract customers, and each product is different, to cater to the customer's curiosity. Therefore, when customers come to the store to purchase special items, they will also purchase other non-special items. Of course, the profit of special products is low, or even no profit, but it can be compensated by promoting other goods.

5, daily low-cost promotion method: that is, businesses launch low-priced goods every day to attract customers. It is very different from the main reason for relying on price reduction promotion means to expand sales. Because it is a low-priced commodity every day, it is a relatively stable low-price strategy. Through this stable low price, consumers add trust to the store, saving labor costs and advertising costs, and making the store in a favorable position in the competition. It is worth noting that the price of low-priced goods is at least 10% to 20% lower than the normal price. Otherwise, the participation of the customer does not constitute an attraction, and the purpose of the promotion cannot be achieved.

6, auction-style promotion method: In the current era, the major stores are crowded, business competition is fierce, simple, outdated sales methods are not enough to attract more customers, the auction has become a new idea of ​​store promotions. The auction activity should clearly indicate the name of the product for the auction and the auction reserve price. Some of the goods sold through auctions are higher than the retail price, and some are lower than the retail price, making consumers feel very dramatic. The auction form is fresh and interesting, but it should not be done every day, otherwise there will be nothing new. Usually you can choose to spend the weekend, holidays, etc., when consumers have enough time to participate in the auction, in order to achieve good results. If people need work at ordinary times, there is not enough time to participate even if they are interested in the auction.

7. Contrast attracting sales promotion method: preferential treatment for customers by changing seasons, changing styles, big discounts, etc. At the same time, the latest and most popular products are placed on conspicuous sample racks, and the price is two or three times that of similar products rather than popular products. The price comparison between the same shelf or the shelf is the most attractive to the customer. When customers discover new and popular items, they are generally curious to compare it with non-popular ones. Good fashioners tend to look at high-priced goods, while those who pay attention to the reality often choose cheap non-popular goods. In this way, both products can play a promotional role.

8, the highest price promotion method: In general, the price promotion is actually a price reduction promotion, only to lower the price to attract the attention of consumers. However, some stores have broken this business practice, and posted a distinctive high-priced advertisement in the "the lowest price in the city", "big price reduction", "jumping price" and other advertisements, claiming that "the highest price of the sauce duck in the city." : Five yuan a pound." This advertisement is true, not false, and makes people feel credible. At the same time, it is also a subtle place. The quality of the sauce duck is the best in the city. After a moment of surprise, the citizens soon appeared to compete for the “highest price in the city”. This kind of promotion method is actually suitable for some retail stores, especially those shops with high-income tiers as customers, satisfying the psychological satisfaction of these people at high prices, showing their identity and status, and perhaps receiving certain Promotion effect.

Promotional means and promotion methods

1, price reduction promotion

A price reduction promotion is to sell goods below normal prices. The most common methods of use are inventory clearance, festival discounts, and daily specials.

(1) Large inventory clearance: Promotion of seasonal goods or goods with long-term inventory, slow-moving products, etc. by means of large price reduction.

(2) Festival big discount: When the new store opens, the festival is over, and the anniversary is a good time for discount sales.

(3) Daily specials: Due to the increasingly fierce competition, in order to win customers' doorsteps, we will launch daily specials or weekly specials, so that customers can buy cheap and good products at low prices. If the low-price promotion can be truly affordable, it will easily lead to the consumer's "buy" boom.

2, award-winning promotions

Customers sometimes want to try their luck, so the "sweepstakes" is a very effective promotion. Because the lottery will definitely have a lot of prizes, such as color TV sets, washing machines, etc., such awards are very easy to arouse the interest of consumers, and can have a clear effect on the promotion in the short term. Generally, participating in a sweepstakes must have a certain qualification, such as purchasing a particular item, purchasing a certain item to a certain amount, spending a fixed amount in the store, or answering a specific question. In addition, it should be noted that when the sweepstakes are held, the date, prizes or bonuses of the sweepstakes, qualifications, how to select, and the way of awards must be clearly marked, and the lottery process needs to be made public to enhance the enthusiasm of consumers. confidence.

3, discount offer

Generally, at appropriate time, such as festival days, seasons, and other discounts, the products are sold at a price lower than the normal price of the goods, so that consumers can obtain benefits.

(1) Set special area: It is to set up an area or a display stand in the store to sell special items. Specials are usually goods that are sold in large quantities in the quarter or are too much inventories, either for goods that are faster than the retention period, or for goods that are damaged by outsourcing. Be careful not to fish and sell some defective and damaged goods to customers. Otherwise, it will cause customers' dislike and even be complained by customers.

(2) Festival and weekend big discounts: that is, in the opening of new stores, festivals or weekends, some products will be sold at a discount to attract customers to buy.

(3) Discount card discount: gift or sale of the discount card to the customer. Customers who shop in the store can enjoy special discounts with the discount card in their hands. The concession card can be sent to a well-known person selected by the store, or a regular customer who has visited the store for a large number of times or a large number of customers. The scope of the discount card sold is generally uncertain. The purpose of the promotion is to expand the customer base.

(4) Price discount: When the consumer buys the whole box, whole package, whole barrel or larger batch, the price is preferential. This method is generally used in foods with high turnover frequency and daily necessities, which can increase the number of products purchased by customers at one time.

4, competition promotion

The competition promotion is a promotion that combines sensibility and participation. The competition highlights the theme or introduces the product. In addition to the popularity of the product, it can increase the sales volume, such as drinking beer competition. In addition, there are some kinds of events of a competitive nature, such as karaoke competitions. In addition to the lively stores, you can also increase the customer's topic of retail stores and deepen the customer's impression of the retail store.

5. Exhibition and joint exhibition promotion

This means that at the time of promotion, merchants can invite a number of similar commodity manufacturers to jointly hold commodity fairs in their respective branches to form a certain momentum and scale, so that consumers have more choices; they can also organize the sale of goods. For example, a variety of holiday packages and so on. In this kind of activity, sales of goods are promoted by competition among various manufacturers.

6, focus gift promotion

In order to attract customers to continue to buy and improve brand loyalty, the focus gift is an ideal way to promote. This promotion is characterized by the fact that consumers have to purchase a certain product continuously or visit a retail store several times to accumulate a certain amount of points, which can be redeemed for gifts or discounted purchases.

7, gift promotion

The gift promotion is to set up a special person in the store to give away one or several kinds of goods to the consumers who enter the store, so that the customers can taste and use it on the spot. This type of promotion is usually used when retail stores unify new products or when old ones change packaging, taste, and performance. The purpose is to quickly introduce and promote goods to customers, and strive for consumer recognition.

8, free tasting and trial promotion

At the time of the promotion, the retail store can set up counters in a more conspicuous position to taste new packaging and new flavors of food for free. Non-food and other new products are offered free of charge and free trials, encouraging customers to use new products to create a desire to buy. For example, many chain department stores have beauty counters, which are free for customers who are willing to try new brand cosmetics. Perfume counters in foreign retail stores are also often free trials.

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