Processing technology and application of TPX materials

First, the characteristics of TPX (high temperature resistance, clear and transparent, high melting point, chemical resistance, acid resistance, alcohol resistance, impact resistance):
1. Comparison at high temperature: relatively high elongation at break, impact strength, superior creep resistance (high rigidity);
a, above 100 ° C exceeds PP;
b, one year can be used in 130 °C environment;
c, above 150 ° C over PC;
d, 100 hours can be used in 180 °C environment.
2, electrical insulation: (no polar groups in the TPX molecule)
a, dielectric strength: 65KV / mm (excellent than PTFE and propylene);
b, dielectric constant: 2.12 (PTFE dielectric constant is 2.0 to 2.1);
3, chemical resistance: acid, alkali, edible oil; (low water absorption: very high tolerance to water and water vapor)
4, health and safety: non-toxic, in line with the US FDA.
Second, TPX processing technology:
1. Injection molding process: material temperature: 260 ° C ~ 300 ° C; mold temperature: 70 ° C; it is recommended to select the screw length to diameter ratio of the injection molding machine: L / P = 20 or more.
2, blow molding
3, extrusion molding
1. High tensile strength;
2, excellent resistance to toughness and impact resistance;
3, self-lubricating, good wear resistance, excellent chemical resistance;
4, good low temperature characteristics;
5, with self-extinguishing.
1. Electronic appliances: connectors, bobbins, timers, cover circuit breakers, switch housings, sockets, connectors, etc.;
2, the car: cooling fan, door handle, fuel tank cover, air intake grille, water tank cover, lamp holder, oil filter, gasket, etc.;
3, industrial parts: seat, bicycle frame, skate base, textile shuttle, pedals, pulleys, power tools, etc.;
4. Others: building materials, hardware, fishing nets, fishing gear, spinning, packaging materials, woven bags, cable ties, etc.
Third, the application of TPX:
1. Beakers, petri dishes, incubators (transparency, chemical resistance, water vapor permeability);
2, cosmetic containers, bottle caps (fragrance) (there is no plastic smell, will not interfere with the original aroma);
3, microwave lunch box, food container (non-toxic, good temperature resistance, no absorption of microwave);
4. Electronic and electrical parts, LED strips, and covered cables (insulation, extrusion grade);
5, medical equipment: speculum tube, syringe (health);
6, film (extrusion grade);
7, oven appliances (high temperature).

Description about Disposable shoe cover

Name: Disposable plastic Shoe Cover

Standard size: 15x36cm 15x41cm
Color: White/blue/green/red
Materialt: 2-8.5g/PC CPE
Packing: 10PCS/roll, 100 pieces/bag, 1, 000 pieces/carton
Other Products: Nonwoven shoe cover with full elastic/Nonwoven shoe cover with non-slip/CPE shoe cover/PP+CPE shoe cover/PE shoe cover/sock/Boot cover, etc.


Our services:
1. Cap(such as bouffant cap/clip cap/mob cap/worker cap, etc. )
2. Face mask(1-3ply), many colors, tie on or with earloop
3. Lab Coat(SBPP/PP+PE/SMS)
4. Coverall(SBPP/PP+PE/SMS/SF)
5. Patient Gown(PP/SMS)
6. Surgical Gown(PP/PE/SMS)
7. Sauna coat/Kimono(PP)
8. Apron(PE)
9. Sleeves(PP/PE)
10. Gloves(HDPE/LDPE)
11. Boot cover(SBPP/CPE/SMS, etc. )
12. Others(such as bed cover/Gauze roll/Depliation Roll, etc. )

Shoe Covers

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