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This website is the authoritative website for the Tianjin Cable Plant rubber and plastic cable factory. The only factory price published on this site is the high price and low price. The cat brand cable is a well-known trademark brand in Tianjin. Our factory is an honest supplier in the electrical and electrical industry.

How to identify the advantages and disadvantages when purchasing electric wires The country has clearly stated that copper conductors should be used in new houses. However, copper conductors, as well as inferior copper conductors, have copper cores that use recycled copper and contain many impurities. Some poor-quality copper conductors are even less conductive than iron wires and can easily cause electrical accidents. At present, there are many kinds of wires on the market, many specifications, and prices are chaotic. It is very difficult for consumers to choose. In terms of the prices of 2.5 square millimetres and 4 square millimetres of two kinds of copper wires that are commonly used in home decoration, the price of a line of the same specification may vary by 20% to 30% because of different manufacturers. As for the quality, whether the length is up to standard, consumers are even more difficult to determine.

According to industry sources, the reason why the price of wire is so different is that the raw materials used in the production process are not caused by the conversion of cables. The main raw materials for producing wires are electrolytic copper, insulating materials and sheathing materials. At present, the raw material market has about 50,000 yuan per ton of electrolytic copper, and only about 40,000 yuan per ton of recycled copper; the price of high-quality insulation materials and sheathing materials is between 8,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan per ton, and defective products. The price is only 4,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan per ton, and the spread is even more disparity. In addition, the lack of length and inadequate insulation of the insulators are also important reasons for price differences. The length of each line, excellent products is 100 meters, while the defective product is only about 90 meters; the insulation content of excellent products accounted for 35% to 40%, while the defective product is only 15%. By contrast, it is not difficult for consumers to see that the difference in the sales price of finished wire is due to the presence of tricky materials.

Powered Pins Fastening System  is firstly invented by our company in China. Not like as other Direct Fastening System, it only includes two parts: Tool and Powered pin. For the pins are joined to energy(Powder or solid propellant) by plastic part. Like this, we can do fastening work very rapidly. Especially for Ceiling fastening, we can do it just in floor, which is much  faster than traditional way. No ladder required. No dust. Low nosie. 

We can provide two kinds of Powered pins:  double-base powder (DB series) and solid propellant( nitro-cotton,SP series). DB series can provide very steady and strong fastening. SP series can not only provide very steady fastening, but also can provide no-lead worksite requirements. For the system is 100% lead free in compliance with OSHA (CFR 1926.62). What's more,It is classified as non-explosive allowing for standard shipping and storage of the fasteners. The result is a system that stresses operations and environmental safety.

Our tool can be both used for two series.


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Powered Pins Fastening System

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