Scouring Whithen Agent for Textile Pretreatment

Model NO.: GR-F108
Trademark: Green
Transport Package: 25kg/Paper Drum
Specification: standard
Origin: Cn
HS Code: 380991

 textile scouring whiten agent


Product Description


Multifunctional scouring white agent GR-F108 by imported special surfactant, activating agent composition, is my company and the foreign company is dedicated to the development of the latest environmentally friendly pre-treatment agent. The product is mainly used in pre-processing of cotton, hemp fiber and fabric can be an effective alternative to the traditional scouring various additives used in the bleaching process, reduce the bleaching process of fiber damage and improve the efficiency and capacity of wool fibers absorb the dye and improve the feel. It can effectively save dyeing water, electricity, gas, reduce processing time, low-alkali wastewater emissions, reduce processing costs and improve productivity.

Product appearance and physical characteristics



(1) Compared with the traditional process, water saving 60%, with a saving of 55% gasoline and reduce wastewater discharge.

(2) significantly reduce processing time and increase productivity.

(3) waste close to neutral, low-alkali wastewater emissions.

(4) treated fabric than traditional alkali cooking, oxygen bleaching small weightlessness.

(5) improve whiteness after bleaching and hair effect.

(6) improve capacity and absorbing dye fabric dyeing uniformity.

(7) reduce fabric damage caused by bleaching, improve the fabric


Appearance white solid
Ion Type Anionic
Environmental protection

does not contain any APEO, AOX and other prohibited ingredients

Dissolution characteristics easy to dissolve in warm water 40-50 ºC


Reference Process


Process a: long car technology (R-Box boxes or other steamer) fabric: woven fabric


Process: Padding practice white agent GR-F108 and hydrogen peroxide → 100 ºC for 60-90 minutes → steaming hot water above 95 ºC → drying


Prescription: practicing white agent GR-F108 16-30 g / l


Hydrogen peroxide (100%) 6-12 g / l


Process II: fabric dyeing process: woven fabric


Process: the material is added into the fabric of practice → white agent GR-F108,60 ºC → 60 ºC to go two points twice adding hydrogen peroxide to go two → heated to 95 ºC walk two hours → 95 ºC hot water washing → drying




Prescription: hydrogen peroxide (100%) 3-5 g / l;

Practicing white agent GR-F108 6-10 g / l;

Craft three for overflow machine knitted, towels:

Process: the material is added into the fabric of practice → white agent GR-F108, hydrogen peroxide heated to 95 ºC for 30-60 minutes walk → washing, oxygen, polishing, staining.

 Prescription: hydrogen peroxide (100%) 2-3 g / l

 Practicing white agent GR-F108 1-3 g / l


 Store in a dry, cool place, remain sealed, pay attention to moisture.


 Shelf Life: 6 months




Packaging & Shipping

25Kg woven bag

Scouring Whithen Agent for Textile Pretreatment
Scouring Whithen Agent for Textile Pretreatment

Scouring Whithen Agent for Textile Pretreatment

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