Sewage pump principle

Sewage pump is a very important member of the centrifugal pump, its use has made a lot of industry development has made considerable progress. The sewage pump research and use, must have a very thorough understanding of the principle of sewage pump. As the types of sewage pumps continue to expand, understanding of their principles can begin with different types of sewage pumps. Sewage pump principle Swirl impeller: The type of impeller pump, as some or all of the impeller shrinking pressure water chamber runner. So no blockage performance is good, through the ability of particles and the ability of long fibers through. Particles flow in the pressurized water chamber is driven by the vortex generated by the rotation of the impeller. The suspended particles themselves do not generate energy and only exchange energy with the liquid in the flow channel. In the process of flow, suspended particles or long fibers are not in contact with the blade, the blade is more wear and tear less, there is no increase in the gap due to abrasion, long-term operation will not cause a serious decline in efficiency, the use of the Type impeller pumps are suitable for pumping media containing large particles and long fibers. Closed impeller: This type of impeller is more efficient. And in the long run the situation is more stable, the use of the type of impeller pump axial force is small, and can be set in the front and rear cover Vice blades. The auxiliary vanes on the front cover reduce vortex loss at the impeller inlet and wear of the seal ring by the particles. The auxiliary blades on the rear cover not only act to balance the axial forces but also prevent the suspended particles from entering the mechanical seal chamber to protect the mechanical seal. However, the impeller of this type of poor non-blocking, easy to wound, not suitable for pumping large particles and other treated sewage medium. Spiral Centrifugal Impeller: The blades of this type of impeller are twisted helical blades that extend axially from the suction port on the conical hub body. This type of impeller pump also has the role of volumetric pumps and centrifugal pumps, suspended particles flow in the leaves, do not hit any part of the pump, so good non-destructive. Destructive on the transport of small objects. Due to the helical propulsion and the high permeability of the suspended particles, pumps using this type of impeller are suitable for pumping media containing large particles and long fibers, as well as highly concentrated media. Through the above spiral centrifugal impeller, vortex impeller, closed impeller three kinds of typical sewage pump understanding of the working principle of the sewage pump work, we have more information. How to exert the maximum working value of a kind of product, the understanding of how this information works is important, which should arouse the attention of many users.

Pvc Marbling Table Top Panel

Table Top Panel is very popular with it`s incredible design , and the design is vivid like the real marble or other stone . We can also do it in wood grain , pure white can clean by wet clothes directly ,water proof , fire proof , damp proof -

We are the manufacturer of pvc marble panel and Table Top Panel, with it`s great advantage ,it is very popular in China these years.


1. Fireproof

PVC Marbling Table Top Panel is non-flammable and conforms to the national grade B1 standard (GB8624-2012 Grade B1).

2. Water-proofing and moisture-proofing

The product is allowed to long-term expose to moist environment.

3. Easy to install

PVC Marbling Table Top Panel is easy to cut, saw nail, stick. it has a smooth finish one side that can be taped and jointed ready for decoration including wallpapering, painting, texture coat and veneer, and a rougher side for tiling.

5. Environment

PVC Marbling Table Top Panel does not contain any organic solvents, formaldehyde, asbestos, oils or other toxic substances that can have a negative impact on the environment and waterways.

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Specification size


Surface Finish

High UV coating




Customized colors






PVC Marbling Table Top Panel


Easy installation

Life Span

15 years

Place of original


decoration picture4

PVC Marbling Table Top Panel

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