Shanghai microcomputer relay protection tester eight functional advantages

This catalog is selected by Shanghai Baixie Electric Co., Ltd. as a microcomputer relay protection tester product. You are welcome to inquire the detailed information of this product! There are many types of microcomputer relay protection testers, and there are subtle differences in different applications. The company provides you with a full range of solutions.

Shanghai microcomputer relay protection tester has a standard four-phase voltage, three-phase current output at the same time, voltage 125V/phase, current 40A/phase. Three-phase current can be up to 120A in parallel. Meet all test requirements in the field. It can not only test various kinds of traditional relays and protection devices, but also can conduct various tests on various modern microcomputer protections, especially for transformer differential protection and self-distribution devices, and the test is more convenient and perfect.

1, to meet all test requirements at the scene, both for the traditional variety of relays and protective devices to try, but also for a variety of modern microcomputer protection for a variety of tests, especially for transformer differential protection and prepared by the device, test More convenient and perfect.

2. All kinds of technical indicators fully meet the standards of DL/T624-1997 "Technical Conditions for Relay Protection Microcomputer Test Apparatus" issued by the Ministry of Electric Power.

3, stand-alone operation, built-in high-performance industrial computer, clocked at 300 - 600MHz, memory 512M, hard disk 4--12G, running WindowsXP operating system.

4, the domestic counterparts are the first to use imported brushed stainless steel panels, stainless steel keyboard, while using a touch-type mouse, to overcome the trackball mouse operation is not flexible, easy to damage the shortcomings, and use of 8.4 inches, a resolution of 800 × 600 TFT true color The display screen makes the whole stand-alone operation easy and durable.

5, the main control board adopts DSP + FPGA structure, 16-bit DAC output, can generate high-density sine wave of 2000 points per week for the fundamental wave, which greatly improves the quality of the waveform and improves the accuracy of the tester.

6. The amplifier adopts high-fidelity linear amplifier, which not only guarantees the accuracy of the small current, but also ensures the stability of the large current.

7, using the USB interface to communicate directly with the PC, without any wiring, easy to use.

8, can connect a laptop to run. The notebook computer and IPC use the same software, no need to relearn the operation method.


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