Shielded pump type and selection precautions

Shield pump to pump and motor together, the motor rotor and pump impeller fixed on the same axis, using the shield sleeve to separate the motor rotor and stator, the rotor is running in the medium being transported, Its power is transmitted to the rotor through the stator magnetic field. In addition, the shield pump manufacturing is not complicated, the hydraulic end of the centrifugal pump can be used in accordance with the structure type and the relevant standard specifications to design and manufacture. Shielding pump type and selection precautions Shielding pump can be divided into the following categories according to the temperature, pressure, viscosity and particle size of the liquid to be transported: the temperature of the conveying medium does not exceed 120 ℃ and the lift does not exceed 150M. Various other types of shielding pumps can be based on the basic type, through the modification and improvement. In this type of shielded pump, the direction of fluid flow through the bearing lubrication, cooling, and cooling of the motor is exactly opposite to the basic one. Its main feature is not easy to produce cavitation, especially for easy vaporization of liquid transport, such as liquefied petroleum gas, chloroform and so on. General transport medium temperature up to 350 ℃, the maximum flow 300M3 / H, head up to 115M, suitable for hot medium oil and hot water and other high temperature liquid. Suitable for transporting liquids mixed with a large amount of mud. Shielding pump selection Points to note: The general shield pump uses the transport of liquid to cool the motor, and the annular gap is small, so the liquid must be clean. For conveying a variety of liquid mixtures, if they produce precipitation, coking or jelly, then the selection of shielding pump (non-mud type) may block the shielding gap, affecting the pump cooling and lubrication, resulting in burning graphite bearings and motors. Shielded pumps are generally circulating cooling pipe, when the ambient temperature is lower than the freezing point of the liquid pumped, the anti-freezing measures should be used with the accompanying pipe to ensure easy start-up pump. In addition, the shield pump should strictly comply with the opening sequence of the outlet valve and inlet valve at start-up. When the pump is stopped, the outlet valve should be closed first. When the pump operation is stopped, the inlet valve is closed and the outlet valve is closed. In short, the use of shielded pump, completely leak-free, effectively avoiding environmental pollution and material loss, as long as the correct selection, the operating conditions did not abnormal changes in normal operation, almost no maintenance workload. Shielded pump is the ideal pump to transport flammable, explosive, corrosive and valuable liquid. (Editor: Xiaoxia QQ:) Recommended reading: 2017 exhibition information

Pneumatic Telescopic Mast

Pneumatic telescopic mast with power of air source, promote the movement of multicylinder through air compression to lift the mast. Pneumatic telescopic mast industry has experienced a rapid development recently. This mast has been widely used in various fields such as illumination, communication, disaster relief and etc. Due to the features of light loading, general structures, normal maintenance, high security, extreme weather, pneumatic masts have been recognized gradually.

Pneumatic Telescopic Mast

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