Silicon carbide technology breaks new high-power charging or will be closer

"The silicon carbide device has a very high withstand voltage level and energy density, which can effectively reduce the energy conversion loss and the volume and weight of the device, and can meet the high performance requirements in major strategic fields such as power transmission, locomotive index, new energy vehicles, and modern defense weaponry. The urgent demand for high-power power electronic devices is praised as the "green energy" device that drives the "new energy revolution."

The third generation semiconductor industry represented by silicon carbide (SiC) is the new commanding height of global strategic competition. SiC devices have extremely high withstand voltage levels and energy densities, which can effectively reduce the energy conversion loss and the device's volume and weight, and can meet high performance and high power in major strategic fields such as power transmission, locomotive index, new energy vehicles, and modern defense weapon equipment. The urgent demand for power electronic devices is praised as the “green energy” device that drives the “new energy revolution”. However, for a long time, the development and production of SiC devices in China mainly depend on imports. The successful R&D of key equipments for SiC devices has a significant role in accelerating the resolution of the entire industrial chain's independent guarantee, reducing the cost of production line construction and operation, promoting industrial technological progress, and rapid development and growth.

Under the support of the National 863 Program, through the unremitting efforts of the research team of the 48th Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation as the leader, the company has successfully developed a high-temperature high-energy ion implanter for single- and four-inch SiC materials and devices. Crystal growth furnace, epitaxial growth furnace and other key equipment and achieve initial application. This topic was recently accepted by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The research results have effectively ensured the autonomous and controllable development of China's SiC power electronic device industry "material-equipment-device".

The SiC high-temperature high-energy ion implanter and SiC epitaxial growth furnace developed by the project are the first key equipments for manufacturing domestic SiC devices, which can satisfy the highest energy of aluminum ion implantation up to 700 KeV, injection uniformity within 1%, and the maximum temperature of SiC epitaxy up to 1700°C. Growth uniformity is within 3%. The above major technical indicators have reached the international level over the same period. At the same time, the sales price of equipment can be controlled to be less than 2/3 of the same type of imported equipment, effectively supporting the development and production of domestic SiC devices. The verification and production data of device manufacturing processes conducted by more than ten companies including China Electronics Corporation's 13-year-old, 55-station, and Tyco Tianrun have shown that the performance and yield of SiC devices manufactured using domestic equipment are close to the import level, and the device yield is More than 90. On the basis of fully completing the task of the project, the research group took a close grasp of future market opportunities, and also carried out research on the integration of key process equipment and processes such as large-scale SiC gate oxygen growth, high-temperature activation, etching, thinning, cutting, grinding and polishing. The manufacture of complete devices for device manufacturing has laid a solid foundation.

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