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The cost control of the snack bar refers to strictly supervising and controlling the cost of the catering product according to the cost standard stipulated by the snack bar, discovering unnecessary expenses in time, taking measures to correct it, and controlling the actual operating cost of the snack bar Within the scope of the plan, the following Xiao Bian will introduce the decoration of the snack bar and the decoration of the snack bar. We are interested in the friends of the snack bar.

How to decorate snack bar

First, the design of the store must be in line with the industry characteristics of the snack bar. It can make people look at the appearance and style at a glance and highlight its operating characteristics.

Second, we must meet the aesthetic interests of the main target audience.

Third, the decoration of the store should be coordinated with the original architectural style and surrounding stores. It is important to know that it is important to have characteristics, but consumers should not be allowed to feel unnatural.

Fourth, to be concise, not cumbersome, the store decoration should not use too much line segmentation and color rendering, so as to avoid customer fatigue. The color of the store should be unified and harmonious, and it should not use any blunt, strong contrast.

Fifth, the size of the signs on the signboards should be appropriate. Excessive conventions make the signboards appear too crowded and disrupt the overall layout. The name of the store can be highlighted by the substrate color.

Snack bar decoration offer

Modeling door - 7.36 square meters unit price of about 2060 yuan template production.

Partition wall - 3.24 square meters unit price of about 150 yuan wood board production.

Back wall - 19 square meters unit price of about 120 yuan wood trim panel.

Front desk - 5.50 meters unit price of about 1200 yuan board MDF substrate paste high light board table stainless steel with steel.

Modeling board - 4.20 square meters unit price of about 400 yuan board MDF substrate paste high-light board.

Hot bending glass - 2.20 meters unit price of about 750 yuan processing installation.

Cabinet - 2.00 square meters unit price of about 680 yuan MDF board paste high-gloss board.

Safety glass - 6.00 square meters is priced around 280 yuan in art glass.

Water circuit 2 item price is about 4,000 yuan.

The advertising word installs a manual unit price of about 300 yuan artificially.

The wooden table 20 is priced at about 500 yuan in artificial wood.

The wooden stool 20 is priced at about 1,500 yuan in artificial wood.

Snack shop decoration notes

First of all, to enrich their decoration knowledge. Often heard that someone in the decoration process in the decoration company designed traps, to prevent themselves from being cheated, you must first enrich their decoration knowledge. Only by arming itself with knowledge can one take the initiative in the risks that decoration may face, and minimize the possibility of problems. Second, we must choose a good supervision company. It is advisable for the supervisor to step in before looking for a decoration company so that the entire renovation process can be better monitored.

Then there is the decoration. Before decorating, you should have a good idea about the decoration style of the snack bar, the decoration materials used, the choice of furniture and the approximate placement and decoration budget. Xiao Bian reminded them that they should not rely on a moment's likes and dislikes. There are no overall considerations for home appliance configuration and room decoration. In this way, there will often be problems of unfair style of decoration, unreasonable use of space, and repeated disassembly and assembly.

The above is a brief introduction for Xiaobian. If you want to know more related information, please continue to pay attention to Qijia Consulting. More exciting consultation, please stay tuned.

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