Solar panels increase annual power generation by 30%

Japan's NTT facility on June 29 set up a photovoltaic power station for ground-based installations and released a new method for solar panel installation: instead of facing south, it is tilting east-west.

The battery board is inclined like a roof in both directions. Seen from the south side, the east-west direction is a continuous M-shape with no space.

Because there is no space between the array (the unit that holds the solar panels on the platform), the number of solar panels installed in the power station can be maximized.

In the past, the method of installing the battery board diagonally to the south was due to the shadow of the battery board on the north side. Therefore, it is necessary to leave a certain distance between the front and rear rows. When tilting toward the east-west direction, it is no longer necessary to consider the influence of shadows. There is no need to evacuate the distance between the front and rear rows, and the number of panels can be increased.

Solar panels are tilted in the east-west direction. Compared to the south-facing tilt, although the amount of power generated per day per panel decreases, the increase in the amount of power generated by laying more panels in the power station can improve the efficiency.

According to the NTT facility, the installed capacity of the panel per unit area can be increased by 20 to 40% and the annual power generation can be increased by 10 to 30% as compared with the previous power generation system that inclines the panel toward the south.

With the reduction of purchase prices and the reduction of land suitable for photovoltaic power generation, in the future, the design of photovoltaic power plants requires higher efficiency. The method of tilting the battery panel in the east-west direction can maximize the number of installations in the power station and increase the area efficiency. The purpose is to ensure the serviceability of the power station in the future.

The photovoltaic power generation system adopting this method will be put into production as "FSolarPackageMType" and will begin to be sold. The sales target for 2016 is 800 million yen.

It will be provided with power-generating equipment such as a solar panel stand and a photovoltaic inverter (PCS) in an M-shaped configuration without affecting the workability and maintainability.

The battery panels that are inclined toward the east-west direction have different power generation conditions depending on the direction. Therefore, a mechanism that can be controlled at the maximum power point is adopted for the solar panels that are inclined in the east-west direction.

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