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Tired of spending a lot of time every day to clean up the stains on the countertop, it makes people feel collapsed;

After a long time, the cabinet plate will slowly deform, or even suddenly crack, without a little precaution ...

In fact, these problems can be perfectly avoided when purchasing, for example, choosing a brand cabinet with strict quality control and quality certification.

Below, the editor of Go Jiaju takes the famous cabinet brand- Oupai cabinet as an example to share with you the four tips for selecting cabinets and teach you how to choose high-quality cabinets!

Look at environmental performance

Formaldehyde emission is the key

The kitchen is not only a cooking base for three meals a day, but also a home space for families to share happiness and enhance feelings. The environmental performance of the cabinet directly affects the health of the whole family .

The key to measuring the environmental quality of cabinets is the amount of formaldehyde released from the cabinet plates. International standards divide this indicator into E1 and E2 grades, of which E1 formaldehyde emission is not higher than 1.5mg / L, which is an ideal level of environmental protection and can be purchased with confidence.

Certified by the National Furniture Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the cabinet plates used by Oupai comply with the European E1 standard and are environmentally friendly, which can create a healthy and safe cooking space for you and your family .


It should be specially reminded that no matter whether it is the national standard or the European standard, there is no "E0 level" standard for cabinet plates. Even foods such as water and milk contain a certain amount of formaldehyde, as are cabinet plates. Therefore, if you see a business that promotes "E0 grade no formaldehyde" and "zero release of formaldehyde from the substrate", don't be fooled.

See the practicality of the plate

Need to wear and dirt

In addition to environmental protection, the purchase of cabinets should also consider the durability, and its importance is no less than the value of the cabinets.

In daily life, cabinet plates will inevitably be bumped, smoked, and contaminated with sauces, which will cause headaches and affect the service life to a certain extent. Therefore, stain resistance, wear resistance, and temperature resistance are also necessary concerns for purchase.


After authoritative testing, these three performances of Oupai cabinet sheet are excellent: excellent wear resistance, which can reduce the loss of the cabinet in daily use; strong stain resistance, which can keep the cabinet as clean as new; and resistance to temperature changes Strong, it means that the stability of the plate is good , and it is not prone to cracking, deformation and other problems, which can withstand long-term use and test.

A set of durable cabinets not only allows your kitchen to maintain high quality and high value, but also allows you to use it comfortably and enjoy your cooking time.

Look at the anti-fouling ability of quartz stone countertops

Countertops are impermeable, making daily cleaning easier

As an operation table for daily cooking, the countertop is in direct contact with food and seasonings throughout the day, and it will "disfigurement" if you are not careful. If the stains are difficult to clean, it is even more exhausting.


Therefore, whether the countertop can resist the penetration of seasonings such as soy sauce rice vinegar is very important! The quartz stone countertops used in European cabinets have a quartz stone content of up to 90% to 93%, which has the dual advantages of high hardness and high density, and it is not easy to break and bleed.

The product test results show that the Opa quartz stone countertop can resist various pollution sources such as shoe polish, strawberry juice, apple juice, etc., and is clean and pressure-free.

See the durability of particle board

Compression resistance and moisture resistance are the key

In addition to gourmet cooking, the cabinet also undertakes the storage function, and is always facing the test of a humid environment. This requires cabinet substrates such as chipboard, which are not only good in pressure resistance, but also waterproof, otherwise the overall durability will be greatly reduced.


In fact, the performance of compression resistance and moisture resistance can also be measured by professional testing. The corresponding test items are static bending strength and water absorption expansion rate. Among them, the requirements of the national standard for static bending strength are ≥11.0MPa, and the requirement for 2h water absorption expansion rate is ≤8.0MPa.

After testing, the two indicators of the European cabinets are in line with the national standard, and the load-bearing pressure resistance and moisture resistance are excellent.

We all know that excellent product quality does not come overnight, but comes from the brand's insistence on quality for decades.

Since its establishment in 1994, in order to customize the kitchen for the Chinese people, the European cabinets have continuously improved in craftsmanship and pursued the ultimate quality.

As for cabinet materials, Oupai selects world-class Hardware Accessories that meet the European E1 level of environmental protection plates, food-grade quartz stone countertops, edge bands imported from Germany, and Hettich Blum to ensure the high-end cabinet quality from the source.

At the same time, the European cabinets are also constantly enriched and upgraded in function. The newly upgraded "five systems and three spaces" integrated kitchen and dining solution in 2019 will organically combine multiple functions such as washing, meal preparation, and cooking. The boundary between kitchen, balcony and dining room realizes the mutual complementation and perfect integration of space.


In it, you will feel like the kitchen is enchanted, become more comfortable, more convenient, and more efficient, creating a new kitchen life experience for you, bringing unprecedented happiness.

More information on the home furnishing industry is on GO Jiaju!

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