Take you to understand how to properly use explosion-proof electric heater? Need to pay attention to these processes?

In the normal work process, if you can use the explosion-proof electric heater correctly, it will provide a lot of good help for your normal work flow. However, this is easy to say, but there are still many difficulties in actual operation. Many people are not very familiar with some of the basic information of explosion-proof electric heaters in peacetime, and they will not even know the correct method of use. If they are careless, they will cause problems in various processes and increase their own work. Depending on the weight, it can also be dangerous. Today, Xiao Bian and everyone to understand, how to properly use explosion-proof electric heaters.
How to properly use explosion-proof electric heater? Specific attention should be paid to the following:
1. During the normal use, explosion-proof electric heaters should be inspected periodically, mainly for some electrical connections, including the tightness of the connection points on the site and in the factory. If any aging problems are found, they should be repaired and maintained in time. In order to avoid leakage problems.
2. If rust is found on the shell or Interface of the explosion-proof electric heater when it is in use, it should be powered off and wipe the rust off before use.
3, when the explosion-proof electric heater is installed in some of the lower temperature occasions, before use, safety measures should be done to avoid freezing expansion of the media, damage to the equipment.
4, the use of explosion-proof electric heaters need to follow the relevant process, first connected to the gas source, until the gas volume requirements, and the flow rate is stable, before they can power on the explosion-proof electric heater.
5. If the gas suddenly stops when it is used, the power should be cut off immediately.
6. In normal times, the equipment of the explosion-proof electric heater should be inspected regularly and the insulation layer should be determined to be intact.
7, if the explosion-proof electric heater has been damaged, in safety considerations, or should be replaced with new use. If maintenance must be performed, special attention should be paid to maintenance methods to avoid danger.
The above is an introduction to some effective methods of how to properly use explosion-proof electric heaters. In the ordinary course of work, you must follow the relevant systems and instructions. Only in this way can we effectively avoid some necessary problems and ensure that our work is conducted smoothly and smoothly.

OSD, short for On Screen Display, is used On CRT/LCD displays to produce special glyphs or graphics On the Screen of the Display to give the user information.

In CRT/ LCD display, the working principle is to generate a complete picture control by horizontal and vertical synchronization signals. The external environment can generate image signals at appropriate points in time to generate images on the screen.

TTL (transistor-transistor Logic) is a transistor-transistor Logic in which the TTL level signal is generated by a TTL device. TTL device is a kind of digital integrated circuit. It is made by bipolar process and has the characteristics of high speed, low power consumption and many varieties.

TTL interface is an interface for data transmission in parallel mode. When using this interface, it is not necessary to use special interface circuits at the driver board end and the Lcd Panel end, but the TTL data signal output by the driver board main control chip is directly transmitted to the LCD panel input interface through the cable. Due to the high voltage of TTL interface signal, many connections and long transmission cables, the anti-interference ability of the circuit is relatively poor, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) is easy to occur. In practical applications, TTL interface circuits are often used to drive small size (below 15in) or low resolution LCD panels. The TTL maximum pixel clock is only 28MHz.

TTL is the only signal that can be recognized by TFT-LCD when the signal is emitted. The early digital processing chips were all TTL, that is, RGB is directly output to TFT-LCD.

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