Tell you about the application of gypsum in dry mortar

Building gypsum has many excellent properties and is widely used in building materials. In addition to being used for various plasterboards, architectural art Accessories, architectural decoration, and colored plaster products, it is mainly used in mortar as masonry plastering, plastering plaster, gypsum-based decorative mortar, gypsum-based grout, and other dry-mixed mortars. product.

High-strength gypsum is suitable for the preparation of products with high strength, such as plastering mortar, decorative dry mortar, and self-leveling dry mortar. After adding water repellent in plaster, it can be made into high-strength and water-resistant gypsum for use in high humidity environments. Additives such as redispersible powders, cellulose ethers, etc. can be formulated into adhesives.

Hesco Barrier(Hesco Box) unit is made of welded mesh panels which are connected with spring Wire.

Material: Low carbon steel wire(ASTM A641 Class 3), stainless steel wire

Surface treatment: Electric galvanized, Hot dip galvanized, Alu-zinc coated after welded, etc.

Wire diameter: 3mm(gauge 11), 4mm(gauge 8), 5mm(gauge 6), 6mm(gauge 4), etc

Spring wire: 3mm(gauge 11), 4mm(gauge 8), 5mm(gauge 6), 6mm(gauge 4), etc

Mesh size: 50*50mm, 75*75mm, 76.2*76.2mm, 100*100mm, etc

Geotextile: 200g/mm2, 250g/mm2, 300g/mm2

size: 7'*5'*95', 3'3"*2'6"*30', 4'6"*2'*32',  7'3"*7'*90',  2'*2`*10`,  2`*5`*32`, 7`*3`6[*18`

Hesco Barrier

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