The history of the most complete supermarket shelf classification struck, are you ready?

There are many categories of supermarket shelves. There are several types of supermarket shelves.
One, large shopping malls use supermarket shelves. There are many models subdivided in shelves suitable for large shopping malls:
1. Yong crown shelf
2, Anchen type shelf
3, large back shelf
4, Shanghai-style shelves
5, storage supermarket shelves
6, center back shelf
7, large back mesh shelf
8, washing shelves
9, electrical shelves and other shelves are more commonly used shelves are based on their style and process to distinguish between different.
Second, small and medium-sized supermarket convenience store shelves, the main features of this type of shelves are small, exquisite, flexible and changeable. There are several types of light weight:
1, small center back shelf
2, small back network shelves
3, four-poster shelf
4, small hanging plate shelf
5, angle steel goods
6. Variety shelf
7. Shelves, etc.

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