The world's first high-temperature gas-cooled reactor fuel element production line achieves production up to standard

The reporter learned from CNNC that the 200,000th spherical fuel element of the world's first industrial-scale high-temperature gas-cooled reactor fuel element production line successfully went offline. Wang Shoujun, chairman of the China National Nuclear Corporation Group and secretary of the party group, said at the component line production promotion meeting that this was an important milestone in the major national science and technology major projects for large-scale advanced pressurized water reactors and high-temperature gas-cooled reactor demonstration projects, marking the realization of high-temperature gas-cooled reactor components manufacturing in China. The direct conversion from the experimental line to the industrial scale production line indicates that the manufacturing level of high-temperature gas-cooled reactor components in China is already at the forefront of the world, which is of great significance for promoting the commercialization of high-temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear power technology and “going out”.

Wang Shoujun pointed out in his speech that the high-temperature gas-cooled reactor has the inherent safety, versatility, and features and advantages of modular construction. It is particularly suitable for the "Belt and Road" medium- and small-grid power grid countries and has multiple advantages in going nuclear power. He stressed that, on the basis of the existing achievements, we must accelerate the commercialization and scale-up of high-temperature gas-cooled reactor components, and make new contributions to the strategy of going global for nuclear power and building a nuclear power powerhouse.

It is understood that this production line has completely independent intellectual property rights in China and was completed and put into operation on August 15, 2016. Through the construction, commissioning, commissioning, and industrial scale conversion of the nuclear fuel element production line, CNNC has obtained and accumulated four achievements and experiences in the north: a complete industrial scale fuel element production line has been built; a unique set of The technology, quality, safety and environmental protection system; stabilized the production process, improved the automation level of the production line; cultivated a group of professional and technical backbone teams.

China National Nuclear Corporation is China's only nuclear fuel supply company and can provide nuclear fuel for all domestic models of nuclear power plants. (Reporter Chen Yu)

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