Three strokes teach you how to choose smart lock

When new homes are renovated to purchase door lock products, many consumers do not know how to buy them. Buy locks do not care, at least through professional off. The door is the first barrier to entry. It is an important barrier to prevent the entry of dangerous elements and ensure the safety of family and property. Here to teach you three tricks, so that you can choose a better smart lock when you buy a smart lock.

The first move: see the manufacturer

To see if the manufacturers can provide formal inspection reports, formal manufacturers can provide national authoritative departments, mainly safety certification certificates from the Ministry of Public Security, have a sound quality management system, and have their own patented technologies through international market standardization. Only qualified manufacturers' products can be used with confidence.


The second measure: the stability of the door lock software system

Most anti-theft electronic code lock manufacturers must emphasize their own hardware equipment, everyone knows, anti-theft electronic code lock software system is very important, which is directly related to the security level of anti-theft electronic code lock. The excellent anti-theft electronic code lock adopts the chip and embedded program of the world's top suppliers, and the software technology is mature and reliable.


The third measure: look at the product installation service

The correct installation of the code lock is directly related to the product safety and service life. Only the installation of professional technicians can ensure that the use value of products is not impaired, and at the same time, the interests of users will not be damaged. If only products are provided and professional installation services cannot be provided, or if users need to solve installation problems, such electronic lock products are not recommended.


Understand these three tricks, it is very easy to buy smart locks later.

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