Tips: Scaffolding Installation Specifications and Precautions

How much do you know about " scaffolding installation specifications "? This is a very serious issue. Everyone should not think that "scaffolding" is a matter for construction workers and decoration workers. To know the safety and norms of scaffolding, it has a direct impact on the final results of housing construction. Therefore, today I will explain in detail about the " scaffolding installation specification ". With regard to the installation of scaffolding, China has issued relevant industry standards, namely "safety specifications for scaffolding steel pipe scaffolding for building construction". Interested friends may wish to take a look together.

Construction Scaffolding Introduction

Scaffolding refers to all kinds of scaffolds on the construction site to help construction workers to work more conveniently and safely. It can also transport vertical and horizontal directions. The building scaffold has strong bearing capacity, flexible and convenient disassembly, and can also improve the safety of work efficiency. It can be divided into different types, uses are different, and the used scaffolding is also different.

Scaffolding features

1, the greater the variability of the load;

2. The fastener connection node belongs to semi-rigid, and the rigidity of the node is related to the fastener quality and installation quality, and there is a large variation in the node performance.

3. There are initial defects in the structure and components of the scaffold, such as the initial bending and corrosion of the rods, the erection of the dimensional error, the eccentricity of the loading, etc.

4. The connection point with the wall has a greater variation in the constraints of the scaffolding. The research on the above problems lacks systematic accumulation and statistical data, and does not have the conditions for independent probabilistic analysis. Therefore, the value of the adjustment coefficient that multiplies the structural resistance by less than 1 is determined by the calibration with the safety factor used in the past. Therefore, the design method used in this specification is essentially semi-probabilistic and semi-empirical. The scaffolding meets the structural requirements specified in this specification is the basic condition for design calculation.

Scaffolding price

Due to different scaffolding brands and manufacturers, the price of scaffolding will vary. Scaffolding price is 599.00 yuan for 10 to 49 meters, 580.00 yuan for 50 to 99 meters.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!


Scaffolding manufacturers

(1) Weiye Construction Scaffold, Rizhao Weiye Tools Co., Ltd.

Type: Scaffolding, Working Height: 1-10(m), Whole Tower Bearing Capacity: 1000(kg)

(2) Construction Scaffold, Foshan Jianyi Scaffolding Co., Ltd.

Type: Bracket, Model: Scaffolding, Type: Straight Ladder, Working Height: 80(m), Whole Tower Load: 5000(kg)

(3) Construction Scaffold, Guangzhou Lianxing Hot Galvanizing Co., Ltd.

Style: Disc type, Model: SF-102, Species: Inclined ladders, Working height: 300(m), Weight of the whole tower: 10000(kg)

(4) Zhongzheng Construction Scaffolding, Kaiping Zhongzheng Construction Formwork Engineering Co., Ltd.

Type: Bowl button, Model: 48×1200, Species: Straight Ladder, Working Height: 30(m), Weight of the Whole Tower: 2000(kg)

(5) AllowTruss Double Wide Scaffold, Guangzhou Junyun Stage Equipment Co., Ltd.

Type: Ladder, Model: JYHS-05, Species: Straight Ladder, Working Height: 20(m), Whole Tower Bearing Capacity: 500(kg)


Scaffolding installation specification

In accordance with the process of scaffolding, the following procedures are performed in turn: foundation treatment → placing mats → placing sweeping poles → setting up poles and fastening with sweeping poles → snapping vertical horizontal rods and fastening with vertical poles → declining horizontal horizontal rods → Add temporary bracing → buckle the second, third, and fourth vertical horizontal bar → fasten the horizontal horizontal bar → set the connecting wall bar → connect the pole → add the scissors bar → hang the safety net.

In order to ensure the safety of construction, the scaffold must be erected in accordance with the construction schedule, and the height of one scaffolding should not exceed two steps above the adjacent wall. After each scaffolding is erected, calibration steps, vertical distances, horizontal distances, and verticality of vertical poles shall be made in accordance with the specifications. The pad shall be accurately placed on the positioning line; the pad shall have a wood pad of not less than 2 spans and a thickness of 75 mm. The docking fasteners of adjacent poles must not be at the same height, and the offset distance is 3m. At the beginning of erection, a strut should be set at intervals of 6 intervals until the wall is installed and stabilized before it can be removed.

Scissor erection should be synchronized with vertical poles, horizontal horizontal poles and vertical horizontal poles. The mutual distance between the center point of the fixed-angle fasteners used for fixing horizontal horizontal bars, vertical horizontal bars, and scissors, etc. at the main node shall not be greater than 150 mm. Docking fastener openings should face upwards or inwards. The length of the end of each rod member protruding from the edge of the fastener cover should not be less than 100mm. The feet should be placed inside the outer pole.

Editor's summary: It is worth noting that after scaffolding is erected, it should be checked and approved by a dedicated staff. The so-called "building safety is no small matter." Everyone should take action in daily life to pay attention to non-standard construction behavior and ensure the safety of the environment around them. At the same time, it is also hoped that the hard-working construction workers will pay attention to every detail in the construction process and avoid accidents.

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