What are the ten measures for installation and construction?

(1) Use safety "sambo" (safety belts, safety helmets, safety nets) as required.

(2) The safety protection device of machinery and equipment must be complete and effective.
(3) Lifting equipment such as tower cranes must have limited position of insurance, no sick operation, no overload operation, no maintenance during operation.
(4) The erection of electrical lines must comply with the provisions of the local electric power bureau, and all electrical equipment must be connected to zero and grounded.
(5) Electrical equipment and hand-held power tools should be equipped with leakage protection devices.
(6) Scaffolding materials and scaffolding equipment must meet regulatory requirements.
(7) Various cable wind ropes and their settings must meet the requirements.
(8) The stairs, reserved openings and access openings of the construction-in-progress must have protective facilities.
(9) It is forbidden to use barefoot or wear high heels and slippers to enter the construction site. High-altitude jobs are not allowed to wear hard-bottomed shoes and shoes with nails.
(10) There should be warning signs in dangerous areas such as cliffs and steep slopes at the construction site, and a red light warning should be established at night.

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