What is intelligent community advertising access control?

Advertising access control is the most popular new type of access control device in this year's property community. Pedestrians can see admiring advertisements while entering and leaving the community. They are also a set of smart advertising access control systems that are favored by community media and become advertising media operators. One of the most concerned forms of communication, such as community media and outdoor media. The advertising door can be controlled by security personnel to open the door, and the owner can also use the card to open the advertising access control system. The use of IC card access management is also the most important aspect of property safety management. No card personnel are allowed to enter or leave the premises, and security personnel must visit them before they can open advertisement doors. With the strict management of the property, the significance of the intelligent community access control system is realized. It is understood that residential advertising access control equipment includes card readers, door closers, outdoor advertising light boxes, and is a very high-grade iron craft gate. Community advertisements have a wide audience and a high commercial value. Therefore, the intelligent community pedestrian advertising access control system is the best project for advertising media investment in 2017. Property companies like it very much, and the return on investment from merchants will also be high.

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Isolation Disposable protective TPU Gown

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Isolation Disposable protective TPU Gown

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